Silliest Seller Excuses

  1. I thought I would start a new thread like this, since I'd not seen one.
    Have you ever asked a question of a seller and gotten a real cockeyed excuse from them as to why they are not going to fulfill your request or answer your question?

    I recently asked a seller the following question about a fake LV bag that they were sellintg (I didn't tell them it was a fake, though): "Hi, can you please show a photo of the inside of the bag? Is there a serial number inside? Thanks."
    It took them 4 days to reply: "No serial # and the photographer is out of town"

    No serial number, I understand, it's obviously a fake, but the part about the photographer being out of town totally cracks me up! :lol:

    Here's the auction: [​IMG]
  2. Not only that....but did you see the question in her auction about shipping to Italy?:shrugs: :roflmfao: It is a wonder she sells anything.
  3. OMG, I didn't notice that! That is too funny! The seller is either too stupid, or too smart (great way to discourage international bidders). :graucho:
  4. I asked a seller if they were willing to disclose the reserve price and this is the answer I received:

    "The reserve is not too high. Only reason I put one is to protect the authenticity of the bag."

  5. Huh, what? So, what I am to understand is that if there is a reserve, it means that the bag is authentic? :lol:
  6. I just asked her to either email me or post pics of the heat stamp and date code. We'll see how she responds... That bag is so fake!
  7. LOL - what a helpful seller!

    I haven't had any silly seller excuses, but point me to the silly buyer excuses thread - i've heard some great stories from buyers!
  8. I've had buyers say they BIN'd by mistake. Or their sister used their account to BIN my item. It's a little hard to BIN by mistake, since it's more than just clicking once.
  9. Lol yeah I haven't had any thankfully.
    But I've sure heard crazy ones, mainly from people on the authenticate this LV always has to do with people asking for more pics. I've heard "my husband took the pictures but he's at work now" or "my camera is broken." These are for obvious fakes, mind you. I know people DO have camera problems at one point or another, but come's such a frequent excuse for these people who sell fakes lol.
  10. I had a big deal with one seller who I BINed some Kitchenaid saucepans with, I paid for Fedex next day as I needed them for my new place. She took two days to say she didn't have them, and then got a real attitude when I wouldn't wait for two weeks for her to get them and wanted a refund. She was moaning that she already spent the money etc, I was so mad! I got my money back in the end.

  11. :cursing: how on earth could someone do this in good conscience?!

    ... and as for already spending the money - how could you take someone's money, spend it, and not give them what they bought?! Glad you got your money back; god, there are some weirdos out there.
  12. me too!
  13. My real question is, how come this auction hasn't been pulled yet??? Has everyone reported it?
    Cause I sure did. That is a crappy little fake.
  14. SOme ppl are just too funny.