Silent Hill

  1. Okay, probably going to watch this movie BY MYSELF this weekend ... For those who have already seen it, what are your thoughts?:flowers:
  2. I thought it was pretty's a weird movie though. So, expect some twists.
  3. I absolutely loved it.
    I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who likes horror with a good story. However, if you havn't played any of the Silent Hill games you might find it a bit confusing in the beginning.
  4. Yeah I never played any of the games but I thought it was quite scary as well.
  5. I'm going to be popping that DVD into the DVD player and will be watching it on the big TV in the next oh ... 30 minutes (gotta finish some stuff up first).

    I have read up on Silent Hill on Wikipedia and had sat next to someone as he finished playing Silent Hill 3. I love the storyline, it's actually quite deep and symbolic, it leaves a lot up for discussion ... The designs of the monsters is very scary and the atmosphere is out of this world ...

    I've been told that the movie did a pretty accurate rendition of the game. If that is the case, I think I'll really enjoy the DVD ... Anyways, will be posting once I'm done watching :yes:
  6. Ok, just finished watching the DVD. First of all, it was not scary for me ... the game was WAAAAY scarier! Secondly, wah ... they changed the storyline ... The game's storyline actually made more sense. However, they did a very good job overall. I love the soundtrack, it's great that they actually used the music from the game. Oh, the monsters were very well done too!!!

    One last thing, it's awesome that one of the ending song used was the opening song for "Silent Hill 3", while the 3rd ending song used was the theme for Laura in "Silent Hill 2". In spite of some differences between the film and the movie (ok, there's one MAJOR change), it IS by far the best rendition of the game I've ever seen. They really did keep the original feel of the game.
  7. It just kind of leaves you hanging at the end b/c the mom & dad are still stuck in 2 different time/world zones. Is there supposed to be a second Silent Hill?
  8. I do think they did it on purpose to leave the possibility for a sequel. Unfortunately, if they do a sequel it's going to be completely different from the storyline in the video game. I wish they would bring Silent Hill 3 (which is the sequel to Silent Hill 1 in the vdo game) to life.

    I am still impressed at what they did with the monsters ... The way they moved are so dang creepy. It was a very good call on their part to hire dancers to play these roles.
  9. ohh.. :smile: I'll have to go look at that!! I wouldn't be able to watch it by myself though!
  10. I watched this this weekend and was totally lost at the end.
  11. The way I thought it was ...


    I thought the mom and daughter died in the car accident and they were stuck in a kind of purgatory. The cop, I believe, was also already dead. Remember how the mother notes the bleeding coming from the cops head and the cop says she got into a crash? I believe she died when she crashed her motorcycle, and the mother and girl died in their car crash. :shrugs:

    BUT I don't know - all that build up and they never explain WTF is going on!
  12. I'm also going to put in SPOILER for my response as well ... as this is going to have spoiler for the game too.













    In one of the endings for Silent Hill 1 video game, at the end it showed Harry Mason (in the movie it was Rose De Silva) woke up in his car injured and bleeding to death, basically suggesting that it was all a bad dream and a delusion and that while he was dying, his daughter was also gone. Same was said of Cybil, who died in an accident. That ending was considered the "WORST" ending in the video game. I think the movie might be leaning toward that ending in the video game but did leave it a bit open-ended for a sequel.

    Now, the canon ending for the "Silent Hill 1" video game was actually that at the end, while Harry Mason (Rose De Silva in the movie) could not save his daughter, he was given another baby (a new reincarnation of Alessa) to raise as his own. He later named that baby "Cheryl", who would then become the protagonist of "Silent Hill 3" game, which is the sequel to the first Silent Hill storyline.

    Personally, i wish the movie had used the canon ending and did not change the antagonist. The original antagonist was supposed to be Dahlia Gillespie, who was the leader of the cult and the one who burnt Alessa. in the movie however, it was Christobella and that really really screwed with the storyline majorly.
  13. I really don't think it's that scary. It's creepy but it's really more of a drama and mystery than the typical horror. I mean, the atmosphere and monsters are creepy, but nothing like the cheap scares you see in most horror films these days.

    Now the game ... THAT is scary:yes:
  14. I really think that the game did a much better job at explaining the storyline than the movie. If it wasn't for the fact that I am familiar with the game, I would be lost as well
  15. What system is this game made for?