Sigrid Olsen & Ellen Tracy

  1. I was in Macy's today and saw tons of new Sigrid Olsen leather handbags.
    I am in love.
    The leather was amazing and the bags were all soft and slouchy.

    Anyone else loving S.O.?

    I also fell in love with the Ellen Tracy Hartford Frame bag.
    The chocolate color is TDF!
  2. I like Sigrid Olsen, great leather, but I buy them on sale. I won't pay the regular price for a Chinese-made bag like that. The only problem I've had is that the stitching was on a part of the bag that gets rubbed routinely, and some of the thread is coming out. I don't carry it a great deal so it will last for years anyway, but I'll be looking out for that with any other purchase at any price point.