1. In my other forum, they use these cute little banners in the signature area... I thought I would make a couple for this forum too, if anyone wants to use them.. feel free.. and if you have special requests too, let me know and i'll try to help :smile:

    here is one for LV...
    the URL is:

    here is one for Gucci...
    the URL is:

    and i'll make more if people like them... :yes:
  2. oh yea. they have a specific name. here's one i made up that had ALL my obsessions/passions/etc into one:

  3. ooh..cute...
  4. Oh cute thank you..
  5. Those are cute! Thanks for making them!
  6. sig bars! that's what they're called!

    ... i think. lol
  7. Thanks! I really like it:wlae:
  8. These are great!

    btw, FROZEN -- I checked out your pics of Diva from your sig -- sooooo cute! (I saw her making friends:smile:
  9. Very cute!
  10. OMG these are adorable!! Makes me wish I actually did something productive this summer and learned to use photoshop.. I could make one for Coach then LOL.
  11. if you could find some good coach logo/monogram pictures.. i could make you one :smile:
  12. ^ Aww you're too sweet!! I'm running off to find some good pics now LOL :nuts:
  13. Cute , thanks for sharing
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