Signature stripe

  1. Could someone tell me the colr of this...? thank you .

    this is my next MUST have bag.
  2. I think this is the khaki/punch
  3. That pretty pink color is called Punch. eBay would probably be your best bet to find that bag as that particular color was in the stores last spring/summer. Good luck! :smile:
  4. is this the same color ?

    [​IMG] thanks
  5. he he he...we just posted the same bag

    Yes same color!:yes:
  6. ^^ thanks dear
  7. Ya I think so.
  8. ohhh thats so awesome for spring!
  9. So pretty! I hope you find one!
  10. thanks all :smile:

    I saw this bag yesterday irl and started drooling.
  11. definitely...PUNCH!!!
    it's a beautiful pink..i was lucky enough to grab this bag in the demi style and the wristlet!!!
  12. ^^awesome.. I hope i'm able to snag one.. I think it would be a great change to my scribble for summer.