Signature Nail you have one? If so, what will/ should it be

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  1. I'm loving red manis and my signature np is the one on my avatar....Dior Marilyn.

    What's yours? Pls. share ;)
  2. I'd say mine is " Parlez Vous Opi ? " these days, but I'm afraid this assessment will change every week :giggles:
  3. Mine is definitely OPI Funny Bunny, it's the perfect white without being opaque.
  4. I always do hot pink on my toes and I like nude or pinks on my hands.
  5. Mine is Essie's Topless and Barefoot - a pretty uneventful nude but I think it's so classic and just elevates my look every time IMO! :smile:
  6. I'd say mine is RBL Killa Red but as a red lover it changes often

  7. I know you come with one of the purple kind of shade as your signature np Pollie :P And I can relate the feeling of "this must be my signature np now" lol You're not alone and of course there's a whole lot of nps flying around in this np world :cutesy:

    As I love red nps, I do have a weakness for nude nps. It seems there are more to nudes as signature manis on here.

    Ah another red fan! I wore Chanel Rouge Flamboyant last week and I like it very much, could be my signature np but I'll stick to Marilyn at the moment. But who knows there comes another red or np that will change my mind lol
  8. NARS Galathee
  9. Though I have way too many to choose from, I would have to say I am an Essie Merino Cool type of girl. The purple grays are me. Then of course red!!
  10. So true, round :smile:
    I'm thinking of getting a back up every time I'm wearing a color that I love :lol:
    This needs to stop ! :shame:
  11. So I've been thinking about this thread ever since the original post was made and I still can't come up with an answer! :nuts:

    I have a handful of all-time favorites (Chanel Paradoxal, RBL Fire Queen, BL Lady Muck, CC Revvvolution, RBL Killa Red) but I really don't wear them any more often than the others because.... well I don't really know why! I guess because I have so many other bottles waiting to be worn! Am I weird? :upsidedown:
  12. A year ago I would probably be able to tell but now I go through a different nail polish every week so it wouldn't be fair to say that I have a signature nail polish.

    My current all-time favorite is Chanel Secret! I need a back up.

  13. LOL I also have a thread floating on here about back ups :lol: We could be twins OMG I have a number of back up of a back up, can you imagine? I'm slowing of getting multiple back ups now BUT the Dior Marilyn is still out of reach for me. I'm doing good tho....I let one Marilyn go but the next time I see one floating I'll surely grab her.

    I was also thinking since last year if I'll start a thread about signature polishes :lol: and I thought hmmm, it would sound silly lol Then I think if I have a signature perfume, why can I have my signature nail polish? And I'm curious if there are more ladies on here who have one.

    No, you're not weird. If you are, I am too, note how I buy multiple back ups arghhh!

    I googled this color and sure what a gorgeous gray! Good choice.
  14. OF COURSE !! :graucho:
    Fingers crossed for your Marilyn hunt, round !
  15. I don't have a specific signature polish, but I really love taupe shades. I simply can't resist them.

    I googled swatches and I really like this color.