Sighting of a FAKE denim baggy PM!

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  1. Today during lunch, me & my girlfriend decided to visit Coach to check out their new bags. While browsing in the store, I noticed a green denim baggy pm from afar. Totally pleased to see that someone is carrying a bag like mine too, I got closer for a second look.

    I noticed that the color of the denim is light.. nearly close to fading. My friend noticed it too and wonder why is the color different from my bag. Then, my eyes shifted to the leather around the zipper at the front. The leather seemed suspiciously broader. And finally we also agreed that the patina of her leather on the bag seemed "dry" cos the its not dark but more like "cloudy" looking against the natural color.

    I soon realised that the bag is a fake cos the leather around the zipper is a dead giveaway! Frankly, I was pissed :cursing: at first. Then, I felt sorry for the lady cos she might be duped into buying a bag without knowing its fake or she just don't realised that people are staring at her bag not becos its pretty but because they realised that its a fake. :throwup:

    Secretly, I was also wishing that we were in an LV store instead and see if she is apprehended by LV staff for suspicion of owning a fake bag. Hehehehehhe :graucho:
  2. I see fakes all the time I find it rather amusing...
  3. Like you said the lady might not even know it is a fake LV which is sad for her.
    Enjoy your own authentic LV, too many fakes out there to worry about.:jammin:
  4. Gosh.... i never go for 'fakes'... LVs workmanship are too difficult to achieve....
  5. oh so sad I have a baggy PM and I wouldn't want to see someone carrying a fake when I'm around.ill die of disappointment really.hehe
  6. :throwup: :throwup: the end of the world
  7. i don't really notice fakes unless the owner/s is/are staring at me....
  8. hehe i like that you were secretly wishing you were in an LV store, thats cute
    Sometimes i find it funny when i see fakes, but sometimes it does annoy me. I try not to judge those holding fakes (unless their behaviour commands judgement) in case they dont even know what LV is and just thought its a pretty bag/gift
  9. I notice fakes alot.
  10. I was in Holt's and saw a lady carrying an obvious fake LV - she was walking around in the handbags area where LV has their little boutique :wtf:

    DH cringed too! :p
  11. Please post all fake sightings under the "Post Fakes Here" sticky under the "Louis Vuitton Shopping" section. ;)
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