**sigh**another Gauffre On Jills Doorstep.....lol!

  1. UGH..Im in love...again.....I already have 6 Gauffres..I may need an intervention......:nuts:
    Here is the newest Gauffre that I was sent to look at...whats the verdict.Yes.I have a black one already..its way bigger.Im considering keeping this one and gettin rid of the other one.I dont need 2 blac[​IMG]k ones...or DO I??LOL!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Oh this is gorgeous Jill, which other black do you have?
  5. [​IMG]
    this is my other one
  6. OMG yes of course I remember now, this one is a beauty! I cannot help now I love both!:confused1:
  7. Gorgeous! I think I do like the smaller one on you better though.
  8. Looove It!
  9. Wooaah Jill - gauffre queen. There's me agonising over getting No 1 and you are virtually in double figures. I love the look but I'm not sold on the bowler style. Looks good on you though but I prefer the e/w style or the squarer bags.
  10. Beautiful!! Def a keeper!!:yes:
  11. Morning Jill...

    To be honest, the bowler is one of my favorite shapes now... I think it's got a little bit of everything - and it's *perfect* in the gauffre style. This is the same style bag I saw at Prada about 3 weeks ago in the antic cervo finish that I flipped over .

    I think it's stunning... and the bizarre thing is, and I never thought I'd say it because I have the same gauffre in brown that you have in black, I feel like the new styles really date last years gauffres. :nuts:

    I'm thinking of getting rid of mine too. I LOVE the BOWLER! It's a KEEPER. :yes:

    oh, and the size looks perfect on you, it's a great bag. Enjoy.
  12. Oh boy... It's Gorgeous! But I'm absolutely incapable of picking ONE gorgeous bag over the other...All I can say is...

    Thank GOD Prada bags don't land on my doorstep! :smile:
  13. PS... Just looked at your pics again for the third time... They both look absolutely stunning on you! Seriously, I think you could make a potato sack look great!
  14. You can send it to me, Jill. :tender:
  15. ^LOL! U guys crack me up....!!HEHEHE!!!!
    I adore this bowler!!!!!!