Siggy stripe tote owners - quick question...

  1. if you've owned this bag for a while (months) you find the handles have softened up and "flop" over the bag when it's set down...or do they still "stand at attention"?


    also - if you clean your and with what?
  2. I've had the black one since Christmas and the handles are kind of worn so they do flop over the bag. It was annoying at first but I've gotten used to it. I haven't had to clean it at all because I put it in the dust bag quite often and its black so I can't really see if its dirt or not lol. :smile:
  3. Mine flop over too and the sides are not as stiff as they where but I still love it , as a matter of fact thats the bag I am carrying this week
  4. I don't have a stripe tote (but I will as of tomorrow! Yay for a new school bag :biggrin:) but I have a stripe wristlet in punch and Shout wipes work really well when the signature fabric/the stripe gets dirty.
  5. My strapes always flopped.. I like the floppyness :smile:

    I actually just returned mine a few days ago and got a new one. the stitching was falling apart all down rhe sides and the bottom corners were coming apart. YIKES. anyways... the 2nd one flops as well
  6. Mine always flopped too.
  7. Yes, my handles flop! I also haven't cleaned my stripe yet, so I don't know what to suggest. If you find something that works well please let us all know....
  8. Are you getting the large one or the travel tote for school? I got the large and I can fit little more than a super skinny notebook and a small textbook in addition to phone, makeup, etc. If I had it do over again I'd buy the travel tote for school.
  9. Also, my handles always flopped too. I never really noticed it though LOL!

  10. hey, familiar face ;)
    I'm getting the large one, I was even considering getting the smaller tote! I never carry my textbooks to class with me. I usually carry one thin notebook for all my notes (I get ones with removable pages and I just tear them out and put them in a big binder when the notebook's done), water bottle, makeup, phone, keys. The only reason I didn't pick the smaller one was because a notebook wouldn't have fit in it and let me carry it on my shoulder. I hope it doesn't end up being too small though...I have to go straight between my classes, internship, and teaching this summer so I'm sure I'll wind up carrying a lot of junk. The travel tote looks HUGE on me though!
  11. ^ You should be good to go if that's all you're going to put in it. Post pics when you get it, Jess!

    I love Macy's F&F :biggrin:
  12. Thanks all! Just wanted to double check (as this was a used bag I bought...wanted to make sure it was 'normal' wear and tear')

    I'll try the shout wipes! thanks for the tip!
  13. Mine flop too:yes: Boy, do I love this bag! it's light and soooooo comfy.
  14. mine flop like mad I use the travel size for school and it holds 2 textbooks and my binder with no problems I've had it since January and used it 5 days a week with no problems at all! but when I sit it down the straps just droop down like sad puppy ears lmao