Sig Stripe Totes - legacy lining?

  1. Does anyone know which signature stripe totes have the legacy lining, I know that the Large size does but I'm thinking about getting one of the smallest/regular size (style 11098) and I'm wondering if it does as well.

    Also, has anyone seen the vermillion yet or know if it's available to order?
  2. I have the denim signature stripe tote 11179 and it has the legacy's GORGEOUS!!!!
  3. I believe the other colors also come with the legacy ling. i think it's only the satchal and shoulder tote that doesn't have the lining.

    My denim (smaller) one does and I believe I looked in the brown stripe one at teh store and it had it also.

    I'm actually thinking of returning my denim one for that one. :sad: Because it's bigger.
  4. Yes, the vermilion is available to order from JAX or a store (my sister has ordered one and she loves it) and it does have the legacy lining.
  5. thanks guys!
  6. I have the small tote(11098) in parchment and it does have the legacy lining.