Sig Stripe Swingpack in Punch -- enable me?

  1. Hi y'all!

    So, I have the opportunity to purchase a sig stripe swingpack in punch! I just fell back in love with Coach recently after being snotty (and realizing that I was being stupid) and I missed out on both Crimson and Punch. So, I ordered the Sig Stripe tote in Crimson (after seeing Razorbackbelle's pics -- so cute) and I want something in punch.

    However, I am a little nervous about getting a swingpack. I never thought about getting one before. The size is not really an issue as I don't tend to carry very much. But I was curious what people use their swingpacks for? And, do y'all recommend that I buy one?

  2. I have three swing packs. I usually use them when I need to shop hands free. Usually when I am going to some event. I don't like mine to look bulky, so I use a mini-skinny as my wallet when I use them. Thankfully both my camera and phone are small, but that's about all I carry in them.
  3. A swingpack is very practical when you want to take only the essentials and go hands free. I agree that a skinny mini works better inside one than a wallet. The one you want is very pretty.
  4. Thanks for the responses! I am feeling enabled...any more?
  5. Anyone else?
  6. you know that coach is sold out of these right?

    eBay is prob your best bet

    I use mine for events and when I go to vegas so I dont have to worry about getting pickpocketed. it's great for concerts, street fairs, football games, etc
  7. I used mine for travel and shopping. I have the swingpack in punch and I love it. It's so "fun" looking. I also have the punch sig stripe mini skinny and think they go well together.
    I recently received as a gift a sig stripe swingpack in the blue color.. my bf bought it on eBay for me and I LOVE it so much.
    I was never a fan of the swing packs but once I traveled with it, I became a fan. It's indespensible. Plus you can keep it cross body and in front of you ...

    Buy it.. you won't regret it !
  8. Yeah, I know that Coach is sold out of these, but my sister works for Macy's and she told me that she has one in her store and asked me if I wanted it. She knows that I am upset for missing out on punch.
  9. Oooh, ooh, i'll enable you! If you can get anything at all in punch, i'd say do it. I just got a punch demi and a mini skinny and they are knock-outs! I love this shade!

    Can't speak for the swingpack though....I don't have any of those.
  10. Thanks for the enabling! I do love the color...
  11. Swingpacks are perfect for traveling, vacations, amusement parks, etc. - when you only need to carry a few things and don't want to carry a big bag.

    I say get it :graucho:
  12. I have two swingpacks - one in the khaki/gold graphic signature from last year and a black leather Hamptons. I love them both!

    I mostly use them when I'm walking my dog or taking my son for a quick trip to the park or grocery store, and only need to carry my phone, keys, etc. If I'm doing a longer trip, then I usually carry my hippie or a duffle. But the swingpacks are perfect for quick trips, especially when I'm not wearing a jacket or anything with pockets.

    I also use it on plane trips so that I have the essentials (tickets, passport, wallet) close at hand and don't have to fumble around with my carryon trying to find my boarding pass or whatever. I usually travel with my son so I need to be as hands-free as possible.
  13. Definitely get it!! Like the others have said, it's perfect for traveling, shopping, or days when you don't want to carry much. I have the punch one as well and I love it!!