Sienna Millers Cute hair Poll


Do you like this hairstyle?

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  1. Wow - you look gorgeous and I think it actually suits you more like this than long!

    I did the same thing as you - only I had mine cut shorter and died it dark brown as well!!! (like Alyssa Milano's in Charmed!) Its fantastic getting all your hair cut off - its so liberating.

    You will probably find that you are more confident actually because you have to be - you have nothing to hide behind anymore.

    I think you look great and I would say keep it like this! I'm actually thinking of growing mine a bit to look more like that.
  2. I think that you 100% made the right choice! I much prefer your new hairstyle.
  3. Your haircut is wonderful!It looks great on you!:tup:
  4. You look gorgeous! The hair color is perfect too.
  5. aww it looks pretty on you congrats!
  6. WOW!
    It looks absolutely amazing!
    You have the perfect hair for it, too! It looks like every hair falls right into the perfect place. The color is awesome, too.
    Stick with that stylist; he/she knows what they are doing!
  7. :love: Thanks Ladies! I probably wouldnt have have the nerve to do it if it wasnt for you enablers! But I love it!
  8. d00d i thought i was gonna hate it. i voted NAY.

    it looks phenomenal, by the way.haha :wlae:

    hehe boy was i wrong! my hair is almost to by booty now, so i'm partial to long hair, i'd vote keep it long any day, but GIRRRRL u made the right choice! very sexy! woohoo!

  9. You are temping me to cut my look amazing.

  10. thank you! I didnt like it at first! I even cried the first day LOL but now I L-O-V-E it! So it was worth being uncomfortable for a little while!
  11. It looks great! I'm glad you went with it. :heart:
  12. your new style looks great! I'm a big fan of really cute and sassy cuts.
  13. Thanks!
  14. So are you still loving it?
  15. Lovely haircut, it suits you very well indeed. :tup: