Sienna Help!!!

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  1. I'm a bit torn here, and I know it's really short notice, but if anyone's out there I could use an opinion or two!
    Here's the scenario:
    There is a distressed brown sienna on e-bay
    that I LOVE! I like that fact that it's distressed and broken in, and brown! I bought a smooth black sienna about a month ago, that I like alot and have carried a couple times. I don't really want to have 2 siennas. Do I get the brown one and sell the black one? Or should I just be happy with the smooth black one and keep looking around for another style in brown? TIA
  2. If you love the brown one, grab it.

    PLUS smooth black siennas are like gold dust! Even tPF members are panting for them. You would probably make a good return on it if you sell it! :yes:
  3. Husky, if you like this one, GO FOR IT. You do know that price will shoot up nearer the ending time.

    My advice is to wait until this one arrives, see if you still like both the black and the brown and keep the ones you like.

    So what if the styles are the same?
  4. Huskylover, I own a Sienna in espresso which is what the one you posted looks like. I love it. It's a tremendously versatile color. (I'm not sure mine is quite as distressed looking as that one, The leather on mine seems smoother). But I'd grab it, make sure it is what you think it is, then decide if you need two Siennas. I don't think there is anything wrong with having two bags of the same style, if you love the style.
  5. GET IT! I've come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as too many Siennas! I have a bourbon, ordered one in raisin and like Halzer said, I'd LOVE to have a black smoothie! :drool:
  6. What's wrong with having two??:drool: I do and they're never going if I could only get my hands on a black one...

    Follow ladysales advice if you don't want two, you'll have no problem reselling one:smile:
  7. I agree that two Siennas is not too many. I'd love a desert and also an olive green Sienna. That's my plan in the long term, if I can find them and within budget.

    I say GO FOR IT and once the distressed brown Sienna arrives, you can see which one gets used the most, and whether there's a need to sell either of them. They are so popular I'm sure you could easily resell what you don't want to keep.