Sidekick III

  1. Hey all. I was thinking of getting a sidekick, but only getting the data plan. If you have one, how's the phone? Should I get minutes or just text?
  2. I had one and loved it but unfortunately my son loves to play with my phones and broke it. I just ended up getting a Treo instead. The sidekick's a really cool phone, lots of features. The camera's ehh...not that good. You should get mins if it'll be your only mobile phone but if not then just get the data plan.
  3. If you like texting, it's great. The AIM feature is top notch. Aside from Not as customizable, camera sucks, kind of bulky...still pricey. If you want one, my gf is selling hers. Almost perfect condition, just has a couple very minor scratches.
  4. How does just the data plan work? Do you have to get a whole new number? Always wondered this. I'm dying for a sidekick too!
  5. How much?

    The data plan means just like texting. I was going to keep my cellphone even if I got sidekick minutes, I heard they break easy.
  6. I got my DD (14) one for Christmas and she :heart: loves it and uses it for everything. I was so bad at texting and I wanted to be able to get the internet 24/7, so I bought mine in January. I love it and we have had no problems with it and it has eliminated the need for me to carry my phone and my PDA. I highly recommend it and you can stay on tPF anywhere you go!:yahoo:
  7. I love my SK3!!!!!!!!!

    I text on it all the time and call, so I have the Family Plan with my fiancee (he has the MDA) with the Sidekick data plan added on.
  8. I love my sidekick3!!! Perfect for keeping up with tPF on the road, when I don't feel like carrying my laptop.

    I use the data only plan, too....which gives you unlimited web browsing, IM, etc...great calendar too. Pretty much everything but calls. I tried the phone for awile my t-mobile service is not great here.

    But it is nice to have a back up phone and camera, kwim.
  9. While I love the features of my phone I have had issues with the screen and receiving calls.
  10. I have it and I love it!!!
    IM, email, web, phone.. it has it all!
  11. How much does the SK3 cost with just the data plan?
  12. i was thinking this exact same thing! my brother and I were both interested in just getting a data plan since we both have regular phones already.. him some nokia one and I have a Treo. I just think the internet will be better on the sidekick though so once I get that, I'm canceling the data plan on my treo.
  13. Jinxster...she's wanting 225. She only used it for 5 months and kept it in a pouch for protection. The last week she was using it, it fell from her night stand (I think) and got a couple very minor scratches. I'll take pics and post them up. Works perfectly and comes with everything she got in the box.

    As far as the plans. I think you can only use the Sidekick dataplan as the Sidekick uses phone specific data/text/email servers. But it's only 20 bucks and that gives you unlimited texting and data usage.
  14. I adore my SD3. I loved my bb(blackberry) but I love the keys(texting maniac) much better. I think the data plan is perfect since it is unlimited for $20. My bff used her razr as a phone for while and only had the SD3 for data only until I came along...then she ditched the
  15. Thanks fir the info Charles, but I'm going to buy off of because they're only 200. Not bad.