Sick kitty in hospital :(

  1. Hi -- am struggling to deal with the rapid decline my 17 year old Maine Coon has suffered. She has not been eating right for weeks, then stopped going downstairs. We had the travelling vet in early this week (as she's so afraid of vets I knew a visit would stress her) and they did blood work. Thought it would be chronic kidney failure which you can treat for a time with diet, but today they told us it's her liver, and they have to do an ultra sound on Monday.
    If it's cancer, we're going to have to put her to sleep.
    If it's a certain liver disease, she could get better.
    But we had to take her to the kitty hospital today so she can make it through till the ultrasound and they can start the recoup diet/intravenous therapy they would use if it isn't cancer.
    As she got older, I knew she would pass some day. I had two cats before her (they all were rescues, arriving within a few years of each other) and the other two went to that big catnip farm years ago. She's always been my favorite -- she's gorgeous and snotty and nasty to everyone but us, but she slept next to my tummy in the winters and ... well it's been a long time that she's been my sweetest special girl. Her undercoat was like chinchilla -- so so soft. And she was a tabby smoke mix so more gorgeous than anything.
    I'm numb. Did NOT want to go the hospital route -- but I couldn't just leave her home for two days not eating and getting weaker and weaker waiting for the ultrasound/cancer information, thinking the fluids and diet and intravenous feeding might bring her back and I did nothing.
    Anyway -- I'm just writing this all out because I knew it would help. We just have to wait and see and I think that is the hardest part.
  2. Hey, you did what's best for her, you took her to the vet. We'll see what happens, I'll be praying for you all.. It's always difficult to see a loved one get sick, but it's eventually going to happen. So we need to accept it and be thankful that they have managed to stay healthy for so long :heart: Your lovely Maine Coon has been blessed to have you as an owner for so long. Wow, 17 years old, you too, have been lucky to have her brighten your days so long. Here's a big hug to you both :heart: I bet she is, indeed, beautiful :smile: Stay strong through this very unfortunate situation, we're all here for you if you need us.
  3. ^ITA...I hope all works out for your sweet kitty :smile:
  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. :sad:

    I know exactly how hard this is having gone through the same thing w/ my sweet blue point Siamese old lady about 5 years ago. My heart is with you ... I know how hard the struggle is to do what's best for an animal you love so much it hurts.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. Sounds like you've done the right thing. My thoughts are with both of you. I hope things turn out for the best. :heart:
  6. jenskar, I am so sorry for the situation you are in. I know the pain of losing a dear pet and totally understand what you are going through. I'm sending good vibes your way.
  7. Thank you everyone.
    We had to put Tigris to sleep this morning. She got worse overnight and could no longer breathe on her own. We raced over there this morning when they called us but it was clear from other tests that she has tumors in her chest and I think would have passed away on her own here if we hadn't taken her in yesterday. I'm glad we did because she would have probably suffocated here in agony, at least this way she was comfortable until the end. I've never euthanized an animal before -- it was so much faster than I thought and I'm still in shock.
    They had taken an xray this morning and you could see a huge mass in her chest, her liver was seriously distended too. At least we got to say goodbye to her but it was pretty clear she didn't recognize us any more.
    She was a huge part of my life for a very long long time. My husband wants another cat but I have been putting away the cat things, food, bowls, litter, toys all day. I can't get the last images out of my head right now -- I need to remember her as she was, all big and fluffy and snotty and beautiful.
    Thanks for listening.
  8. AWWW, sweetie, I am so sorry this happened. It sounds like you did the best thing, She passed peacefully and was spared a lot of agony.

    Wishing you and DH all the best in this sad time..:heart:
  9. i'm so very, very sorry jenskar. it sounds like you had a wonderful, long time together -- but it's never long enough, is it?

    just a thought, but perhaps the joy of a new kitty would help balance the grief from the loss of Tigris -- and honor her life by giving a good home to another animal in need of one.
  10. ^^^:heart::heart: so true. there are so many that need loving homes...
  11. I know what you both mean, Tigris was a rescue, as were our other two cats before her. They all came into our lives within about two years of each other; Euphrates died first, about 8 years ago. Shadow died three years ago this summer. She got to rule the roost after that, and we often thought of getting another cat but she seemed to really come into her own once she was our only furry friend. Some cats are just like that I think, and we were afraid that getting another cat would just upset her.
    She was so mean when we got her, I think she had been abused. It took us forever (years) to get her to let us hold her, then she turned into the biggest smooshpot of them all.
    So yes, I think we will probably adopt another kitty. It's just so quiet in the house and way too tidy already.
    Thanks for your support -- I appreciate it so much !!
  12. (((jenskar)))
  13. Jen, I'm so sorry. Even though it was clearly her time I know how hard it is.... My prayers are with you during this tough time. :cry:
  14. RIP Tigris.
  15. Jenskar - So sorry about your Tigris. Sending a big hug your way. It is so hard when we do everything right and they still have to leave us eventually. I wish we could keep our beloved pets around forever...