Shuggie and the necklace

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  1. i'm all upset :crybaby: . shuggie, my 4 month puppy, has a baby teething necklace made of chewy plastic beads that the vet said would be great for his teething as long as i watched him. i never, ever leave him alone with it incase it breaks since he's a dog and it's made for babies.

    well, yesterday, i left for an hour to run an errand and left him in his play area like usual. the necklace was on top of his kennel where i store all his stuff. he somehow managed to get it off the top of the kennel :sad: . i come back to hear a hacking noise and rush into his play area to see him happily eating the beads and the plastic "string" that connects them. he's eaten at least 10 of them, and they're 3/4" each and they're oval shaped. *sigh*

    i called the vet, crying, and asked him what should i do. i hoped i could get him to throw them up, but the vet said he should pass it fine (he's seen the toy). he warned me to watch for him not eating or pooping, because those were signs he was "stopped up." he told me to call him monday and let him know.

    it's a day later and he hasn't eaten much (maybe a few bites) or pooped. he tried to this morning, but started whining and stopped. the vet said give him some time. i am soooo worried. i've seen the surgery they'd have to do to "unblock" him if he is blocked and i don't want that to happen. i feel like an idiot for leaving his toy in a place he *could* get it, even tho i never imagined it was impossible for him to do so.

    sorry it's so long winded, but i had to share and ask for some thoughts...or if anyone has advice or has been in a similar situation. i've been out of it all day worrying about his poor tiny tummy and those big (for his size) beads.
  2. :sad: I hope Shuggie will be okay! Is that him in your avatar? He is adorable.

    I think maybe you should call a second vet to get a another opinion. It seems kind of weird your vet is saying "just wait it out," especially if he isn't pooping and hardly eating. They can do x-rays on him to see if they are really inside, and where they are stuck. If I were in the same situation I'd demand x-rays.
  3. ^ITA!!

    Hope your pup is OK...def. get a second opinion!
  4. why didn't i think of that? there's two vet's at the practice!

    ...ok, so i just called them. the second vet said to wait until tomorrow morning because that's the very latest they could/would have to pass if he was going to do it himself. i'm supposed to call back up there in the morning, and if need be, bring him in for tests/xrays. y'all are so wonderful :smile: thank you.

    ps: he's the one in the avatar and he appreciates the thoughts.
  5. poor pup! I hope everything turns out okay, keep us posted!
  6. Well hopefully your lil’ guy will pass those beads and he will be feeling better in no time. Definitely keep us posted and give him some kisses.
  7. He's so cute. I hope all is ok sometime tomorrow, but I know you won't be able to relax until you know for sure. Puppies, dogs in general can get into the darndest things; try not to feel guilty. You're doing your best now.

    Shuggie--poop those things out and quit scaring your mommy like that!
  8. I hope they will all pass... And mostly do if it is a small, round, hard item like you described. You are in communication with the vet, so that is a good thing. Like the vet said, watch for vomitting, diarrhea, lethargy, and appetite. BUT if you are really worried, just insist for an appointment to see the vet and have them take x-rays. You should go with what your gut says, no matter what the vet says, because you are his mommy and you don't want to regret anything later. If he is acting normal, then he might be fine. You are the only one who can determine what is normal for him or not.
  9. he's still acting funny, but he's eating well and has gone potty. i'm soooo relieved. i took him to the vet's this morning just as a precaution, but he said since he was eating and such that shuggie will be fine. *phew* thanks for all the well wishes!
  10. did he pass some of the teething ring? I'm glad the vet says he's doing well. Crossing my fingers for complete recovery.
  11. oh my goodness, that is quite scary to come home to!! but I'm so glad he has eaten and has gone to the restroom!

    yay for happy endings! give shuggie lots of kisses for us!
  12. i haven't seen any whole beads (hope you're not eating as you read this), but he seems to be all better. thanks again for all the thoughts :smile:
  13. My heart goes out to you! Sounds like the pup is doing better though..

    I once had a dog that ate a bunch of paintballs.. there was multicolored puke all over the house. :push: Turns out it was non toxic but I freaked out!!! I know how ya feel.
  14. Poor pup and poor you with the worry!

    I am glad to hear that he seems better.

    If you don't already have one, get yourself a good first aid handbook. It's great to be able to look up symptoms on the fly, especially after vet hours. Not sure it would haved helped in this scenario tho... First Aid for Dogs: Books: Andrew Gardiner

    Also, if your little guy is still teething you could try the Gum-a-bone line by Nylabone. Those are great until they get permanent teeth!
    Dental Care Toys: Nylabone Flexibones at Drs. Foster & Smith
  15. thx hmwe46, i didn't realize they had doggie first aid books! you'd think since i worked at a vet i'd have been more prepared, but (see above), i wasn't :smile: he will no longer get any toy that cannot be ingested safely, hah.