Showing Off!

  1. Hey, you get to see me!
    Okay, I'm not wearing make-up (didn't feel like it) and my hair is not cooperating, but this black dress I completed a week ago sure is nice!
    This is a tea-length dress, semi-fitted with princess seams. I love princess seams! It is black cotton gauze and finished with a purple print bias binding at the neckline and sleeves and ceramic buttons. Eight buttons are purple and four are gray. It all works with the dress.
    black dress5.jpg black dress4.jpg
  2. Love it Katherine! And you look great without makeup! Thanks for sharing the pics.
  3. Nice!
  4. you made the dress? that's very very impressive.
    i can't stick to a pattern, so i just make skirts once in a while - just take a pile of fabric, sew it together and stick an elastic in at one end. no measuring or precision required.
    congratulations on your dress.
  5. OMG! You made that dress!? Wow, you are so gifted! I don't even know how to sew! Nice, it is pretty! Thanks for posting the pic, you look soo pretty!
  6. Wow, you're really talented! The dress looks great on you!
  7. Thanks, everyone!
    I thought the dress would look better on me than a hanger, so I got bf to take several pics and those were the only two I liked. I've been sewing since I was 15 and professionally since early 20's when I was in college. I am self taught, but when I started doing alterations for a tailor in Tucson I learned a lot more. He wanted some one who could sew and had no professional experience so he could pay cheap. He got me because, literally, I was a starving student. Before long, I became an apprentice. He still paid cheap, but I got to eat.
    On this dress, I followed the pattern except for lowering the neckline (original had a jewel neck), eliminating the pockets (inseam pockets make bumps where I don't want them) and closing up the sleeves. I don't really like material flapping around my arms and I don't think it flatters me.
    I don't like to wear makeup. I think it makes me look older, but a little powder instead of foundation does nicely.
    I found this wonderful silk scarf (haven't bought it yet) which I think will set of the dress nicely and yes, it's deep purple. I go to the store with this dress on, tie the scarf on in front of a mirror and see if I like the way it looks. Oh, yeah and make the sales associate nervous until I decide. I always dress nice when going out of the house and to the stores, but they think I'm going to steal something, anyway.
    I'm going to have to make a purple and black bag to match. Something small, with a chain.
    Thanks for all your nice comments,
  8. You made that dress! It’s just great, you are really talented. To tell you the truth I’m a bit jealous, I’ve also tried but I was not really good at it.

  9. wow!!that's a very nice dress!:nuts:
  11. Thanks, Mischa! I'm glad you liked it. I did buy that purple scarf I was talking about earlier and adds a nice touch around my hips.
  12. Wow, you are extremely talented. I never would guess it wasn't professionally made. I can't even sew a button :smile:
  13. Oh, dear!
    That's an important skill to have. It's not hard, and there are plenty of places that have instructions. As a matter of fact that's next week's tip on my website.
    Thank you for your kind comments. I am a tailor/clothier and have been sewing a very long time.
  14. Very nice...I can't believe you made it. I wished I could sew. My mom encouraged me to learn to sew in high school. I wished I did..
  15. Thanks, Nita!
    You know what's funny? My Mum couldn't be bothered to teach me how to sew. So, I took it upon my self to learn.
    So very many years ago, my Dad bought Mum a top of the line sewing machine...electronic and everything, including a cabinet! But she never took it out of the box. Well, after a couple of months of this and me looking at the box and trying to be a good girl and not open the thing I just went ahead and did it!
    I had set it up in the den/family room at first, then it got moved to an unused closet (ever had one of those?) and finally to my room and I took it with me when I got married. Mum was happy I was no longer bothering her and Dad was very happy this really expensive machine he bought was getting used. I think she may have sewn a couple of things on that machine.
    Funny how things turn out, huh?