Showdown: Fushia/Gold vs. Night/Gold MA!

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  1. Which would you rather have from the new collection?! Both are so pretty! I, personally, chose the Night, but I've been seeing so many hot photos of the Fuschia!:tup:
  2. I love both I can't make up my mind but I think I love the fuschia but I don't think I can pull it off, so i will get the black.
  3. I got the black! I love the fuschia, but i think it would be WAY too much bling. The night as many have said is the perfect night to day bag, and i think that the fuschia would realyl just be more of a "going out" bag... not worn casually at all..
  4. I love both but I think I would go for the Black in this case. Its awesome because it looks so unassuming and innocent and then WHAM! GOLD CRACKLE BOTTOM ALL UP IN YA FACE! Hehehe, luv it!
  5. ^^haha you are so funny... and lame, just like ME :whistle:
  6. No surprise here, NIGHT, of course! :supacool:
  7. I actually had the chance to see the Fuschia MAM at the Neimans in Garden State Plaza. It is WAYYY too blingy, IMO. Get the MAM in Night!
  8. of course fuschia for me! the night is a gorgeous black bag and i NEED a black bag, but i can't turn down a bright color.
  9. I'd pick the night... i can't pull of fuschia bags!!
  10. Definitely night. That black seems like a nicer leather as well. It looks plain but it's glamour in disguise. Total black bags is a dime a dozen but the gold on the night makes it special. I definitely want to grab one! The gold is what puts me off from the fuschia bags. As much as I love bright bags, fuschia and gold is too much although an all fuschia option would be nicer.
  11. Heart- the fuschia looks so damn good on you! I'm jealous:rolleyes:
  12. I loooove a good bright colored bag too Heart Goes Boom! I am really wanting one of the Anna Corinna minis in glazed hot pink or an MAM/Nikki in Tangerine, or Ocean. She makes the best colored bags!