Show your Gucci collection!

  1. This is the first opportunity I've had to look at this piece.

    Congratulations, it's everything in one and simply chic too :tup:
  2. The pen holder is lovely. What a great present!
  3. Beautiful colors!
  4. thanks so much! :smile:
  5. from my blog entry today ~ :flowers:

    my small Gucci messenger bag. :smile:

  6. i'm not sure if i posted these.
    but here's a pic of all my blondies

  7. what is the name of your green bag?
  8. As for now, this is my only Gucci piece. A briefcase in beige/ebony/brown GG Canvas. I hope my collection will grow!



  9. It's gorge!
  10. Beautiful!
  11. I agree! There are a lot of LV fakes out here & it's just too trendy for my taste.
  12. Great Gucci @ even greater prices! :smile:
  13. I have no idea what the name is.. I got that about 7-8 years ago? and didn't ask which model it was. sorry!
  14. My Gucci 1973
  15. That's gorgeous!