Show your Gucci collection!

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  1. :love: Hi,

    I would love to see some Gucci collections, as I'm love Gucci - it is the top of the line premium brand! Makes the most stylish bags - way on top of all others!! I currently have 2 beautiful Gucci bags (+ wallet and 2 pair of cool sunglasses) - I just started off my collection.

    I would love to see your collection!! It is too little GUCCI here! - To much Louis Vuitton!;)
  2. I love Gucci too! Here's a pic of my Jackie bag (keeping my Tod's tote company)
  3. and here is my new Gucci I bought for the summertime.
  4. Aww Kat that's such a beautifully adorable bag! I love it! Are there any studs/feet on the bottom to keep it from getting too dirty?
  5. Well, here' my so-so Gucci collection :shame:

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  6. woo, what a great summer bag
  7. I love the one with the red trim..for some reason I really love when guccis have the colored trim like red or blue or pink!:love:
  8. He,he, I love that bag too.
  9. Does anyone have a picture to post of the large tan leather horsebit? I have one on the way to me this week from Bergdorf Goodman. Originally bought it in black last year but don't really use black bags all that much. So they let me exchange it for the tan (cognac shade) which is on the way. I'm really excited about it, but I want to see a picture of the bag to get a feel for the color as it is different from the old tobacco color from years ago.

    The black was pretty, but I much prefer brown and cognac bags.
  10. is Gucci a good brand compared to others? I'm thinking about buying my first Gucci but I don't know much about them
  11. here are my two gucci bags[​IMG][​IMG]
  12. Starting my collection...

  13. Bex, I luv your red bag
  14. Thanks! Although I'm starting to regret my purchase. :sad2: There are so many others bag I'd rather have! This doesn't speak to me like it used to.