Show Us Your MICHAEL KORS Bags!

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  1. @DP PURSE FAN, that is Really Pretty!!!
  2. 11.jpg Medium Bancroft in Blush :heart:
  3. This is just so so good.
    The colour is also sooooo pretty!
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  4. thank you :smile:
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  5. Going to pick this up Saturday! It’ll be my 2nd MK bag. I’m overly excited!
  6. My little MK fam. I’m sure I’ll be adding more soon!
  7. My new Fulton
  8. My fav combo today! IMG_4704.JPG
  9. I just got this Jasmine Satchel at Macys, a Last Act special for $140.93.
    Michael Kors Jasmine Satchel.jpg 20190209_133816.jpg 20190209_133854.jpg 20190209_133848.jpg 20190209_133908.jpg
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  11. hey all! which colour in this Mk stands out the most? I can't decide which to purchase
    mk1.jpeg mk2.jpeg mk3.jpeg
  12. Thanks! And what a deal!
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  13. Red!
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  14. I agree
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  15. Thanks -
    Aside from this bag popping in the red, MK does red up right Every Time. Even its detractors would have no argument there. :smile:
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