Show Us Your MICHAEL KORS Bags!

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  1. upload_2018-10-16_16-57-33.jpeg
    Love my large Mercer bags. Wear like iron - & if not mindful of how much I put in it, it will weigh like iron too lol. Still love them!
  2. Lovely bag and the background too
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  3. Just got the Jessa small floral embellished leather convertible backpack in true green:smile: 20181027_233937.jpg
  4. @Gittglam - beautiful backpack & I’m not even backpack person! Super choice! :smile:
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  5. Thank you, me neither. It’s the first backpack I’ve gotten. But I liked that you can wear it backpack style or crossbody.
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  6. 2 large Mercers that are yet to be carried. Classic & go with everything. :smile:
  7. Two wallets & zip clutch - which was much larger than expected.
  8. Just wanted to show off my new purchase!
  9. Not a bag, but my new MK wallet!
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  10. Wow!!! What is this one called? I love it!
  11. I have absolutely no idea actually, I've bought it pre-loved (for a bargain - £45) and haven't done any research on it as yet!
  12. I bought the Large Bancroft Satchel. I love it!

  13. I bought this at the outlet for $140. I can't decide if I should keep it! It's so heavy and the chain strap isn't the most practical. But omg look at it.
  14. Oooooh such a beauty with the quilting design!!! A very good price too. You loved it enough to take it home, so you would probably miss it if you returned it. But if you have your eye on another bag already, you might be happier returning. I’ve already had to do that this season. Sometimes the deals are too exciting when in store.

    But, yeah, wow. Still loving that quilting design. :heart:
  15. It’s gorgeous!!!! You should keep it...:smile:
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