Show Us Your MICHAEL KORS Bags!

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  1. I thought I’d never buy MK again. I was eyeing a Gucci bag but talked myself out of it. I saw someone carry this Brooklyn and after she told me how much she LOVED it ran out and bought one for myself. I usually don’t buy yellow purses but MK did it right . Laptop and other essentials fit.

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  2. Oh yes, it’s obvious in the spot of yellow in the close up that MK did up that yellow just right! A beauty! Say what you may about MK, but the gems colors are all beautiful and clear with no muddiness.
    How much would say it weighs? I am a med to large bag lover too. Did you purchase at MK or a retailer?
  3. Hi I purchased it from MK. It’s about 1lb 11oz on my postal scale. Definitely on heavier side and this bag is BIG lol. Originally I bought the small satchel in Marigold but hated the strap on it and the dinky handles were useless . The SA has the same bag and admitted strap sucked and she only used the handle.
    I never would have purchased it if I read the reviews. I’m on the petite side & the petite women complained it was too big/heavy.
    After I got the bag home it was stuffed and omg it looked massive. I went back to the store perplexed since it didn’t look like the same bag(the one on display looked much smaller)She assured me it slouches down in no time and she was totally right. I lugged it around shopping all day it was packed to the gills with a new MS surface PRO and all my stuff etc. I was surprised how comfy it was and the guitar strap is amazing.
    To answer your ? I don’t think it’s too heavy. (I lift weights though)and I can see how people with shoulder problems might struggle a little.
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  4. Hey @couchette, One pound eleven, why that’s light!! I would have expected much more. Thanks for the info. I need to seriously look at this bag - have always thought it’s so pretty.
    Enjoy your gorgeous sunshine bag!
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  5. Thank you! MK has some cute bags now.Have fun shopping and report back on here if you buy anything!
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  6. FYI @Lilybarb 25% all sale items on MK website for VIPs!!
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  7. Not a bag, but just got the Runway watch for Valentine's. It is my first time trying a rose gold watch. 20190215_151749.jpg
  8. Tile Blue Maddie! IMG_3739.JPG
  9. I'm being bias and late but yeah, agreed... RED, always my favorite. Did you bring her home yet?
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  10. Just got the Maddie tote in pearl grey. It's my first time having a grey bag. 20190223_103226.jpg
  11. At my parents house and couldn’t resist taking a pretty pic of my pretty luggage jet set crossbody. IMG_4803.JPG
  12. I got a black Maddie tote and a soft pink large dome crossbody for 16 months now and I think they are 99% worth the price. I’m super clumsy and frankly one of the worst in bag care but these last very well haha. Basic look, but I love them.

    8C725F30-247E-45FA-8336-56893510B397.jpeg 58EC4202-E953-4462-8324-E510CB466798.jpeg
  13. Wow! Your bags look like new! I love the Maddie so far:smile: I just got it a few days ago.
  14. My collection Feb 2019

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  15. Nice collection! A couple of the large Mercer totes are custom? Very pretty.