Show pics of your WHITE bbags pleeze!

  1. would love to see the different variations of WHITE :P
  2. Here's a 06 White when I first got it :yes:

    She's rather shiny, because AR didn't have any more matte ones (but not like I wanted a matte one in the first place, LOL)
    bal1.jpg bal2.jpg
  3. I love it:love:
  4. Thank you RachelA :P
  5. Here's a pic of my white Twiggy.:love:
  6. Twiggy
  7. City- this has really thick, yummy leather
    pic337.jpg pic334.jpg pic0362.jpg
  8. Oh, those are all sooo nice :love:

    I hope I find one so WHITE!!!
  9. Here is my classique. It's more beige now than white.
    white bAag.JPG
  10. YIPPEEE! Daisy at Bal NY has a White Purse for me :yahoo:

    I will post a pic of my new WHITE soon!!
  11. Omigosh Powderpuff100...I think I've said this before already but I'll happily say it again. I LOVE your white city bag!
  12. ^ditto! It is quite stunning.
  13. Wow White. I didn't think I would EVER wear a white purse but I've been seriously considering this one. I bet you all get lots of double takes when carrying them
  14. [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG]

    05 amazing white work:heart:
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