Show off your twillies and tell how you use em

  1. Hello Ivpiggy,

    Your twilly flower is awesomely beautiful!!! I really wanna learn it but I'm stucked with step three n step four...=_=;
    Can you please explain these two steps a little bit more in details?!
    Do you need anything else (ie. the ring) to held the flower in shape or just the twilly would be enough?!

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Me and miss lindy waiting for the train with her brand new twilly!

  3. Ahhh summer twillies!
    IMG_2860.jpg IMG_2836.jpg
  4. And I'm going to copy too!! Have you tried it yet?? I can't wait to see if I can handle this...I'm such a dufas with twillies!!

    Mrs Rance, this is darling.....

  5. This is beautiful picture of leather's suppleness and twilly. Dynamite combination!!

  6. thank you! I was so thrilled to find a twilly in this colorway and with the belt design!
  7. Sorry if you see this in the Evelyne thread, but I am so pleased with all of your inspiration! Here is my favorite twilly tie so far!
    Sunshine family 009.JPG Sunshine family 011.JPG Sunshine family 033.JPG
  8. image-2515557446.png

    My new Twillies :smile: Have a fun and safe summer everyone!
  9. I love the twilly tied on your Evelyne! How did you do this? It's perfection! And the looks are beautiful together!
  10. My new twillies + an Eiffel Tower key chain I got from my recent trip to Paris.

  11. :p
  12. Sequences twillies, one of my favorite new designs!

    I'm not that creative with my twilly use and only use them for bag handles...

    Pale Pink on Graphite

    Orange on Capucine
  13. Gorgeous! Does anyone know if this is the "coaching" twilly?
  14. ^
    Yes, that is the "Coaching" Twilly.
  15. carlinha - Love the Sequences! I have a soft spot for twillys with neat orderly stripes and borders. Managed to score a pair and they are on its way :smile: