Show off your twillies and tell how you use em

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  1. Hello everyone, You know...there is something nice about these little reward scarves called twillies..I mean some times that's really all we need a little H-fix in a cute orange box to make our day aye? So lets start seeing some twillies!:love:
    I use them instead of just looking at them in their boxes..i felt sorry for them being ignored...I tie them on a bag or draw them through my very long braid...or wrap them around my bun.
    twilly nile 001.jpg
  2. I just posted these recently in the scarf thread. Currently I have 3 of the colourways, I hope to complete the whole set and get the last one soon.




  3. here is mine, I have to say I use it quite a lot:
    hermes twilly 004.jpg
  4. Here's mine...LOVE it!!! :heart:

    I first bought it last spring but then later sold it... I was missing it so much! When I went to H in NYC last week and they had one (and last one), I was soooo happy!! :yahoo:

    I use mine tied on a bag.
    Twilly 2.jpg
  5. Here's how I use mine when not worn on me ... handle wrapper. :P
    Twilly.jpg GoldKelly.jpg
  6. I love the cherry one, totally missed out. What's the stats on your Kelly likeafeather?

  7. ^ Rose, that pic is seriously stunning! Wow.
  8. Rose I'm really curious how you did it. (first pic) Would love an instruction if you have the time someday
  9. Rose, absolutely amazing! How did you do it???????

  10. So pretty! Love this!:tup:
  11. Very chic handle wrapper mspiggy, lucky Kelly!
    Lucky find, likeafeather77, the cherries are such a pretty design.
    maryg1, lovely Twilly.

    Here is my 'Passage de Tokyo', secured with a Gavroche ring.
    DSC04838.jpg DSC09221.jpg
  12. Love this- very very Classy:heart:
  13. Thank you amamxr :heart:

    Here is another one, Bolduc au carré, secured with a Twilly ring.
    This is how I wear my Twillys most of the time.
    DSC04845.jpg DSC09030.jpg