Show Off Your Pandora Bracelets (or Troll Bead Ones) :)

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  1. Don't look at it as 'bad influence,' enablers sound better!

    Congrats on your new bracelet! They are fun and unique. Looking forward to pics....
  2. I agree, enablers is much better. Don't know what I would do without TPF girls!
  3. ^^ITA!
  4. Purple sounds beautiful, I can not wait. My bracelet has beads of all different colors- I love strong bright colors so purple is going to be on my wish list.
    I recently purchased a Chamilia glass bead and it was smaller than the Pandora glass beads I already have. No problem, I am using it at the ends of my bracelet, against the threads. Does anyone know if all the Chamilia glass beads are smaller thatn the Pandoras?