Show Off Your Pandora Bracelets (or Troll Bead Ones) :)

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  1. I know there were some threads about the price increases and it seemed like a fair # of people on here have either pandora or troll bead charm bracelets and i would love to see them! :smile: I just got my 1st one and i love it!!!

    I sort of wish i could make the charms stay where i want them cause i only have 6 on there and i just wish i could keep them from sliding around as much but other then that i LOVE THEM!!! i think they are SO CUTE :smile:

    I got 6 that represent me and things important to me

    1) the Queen bee, shes so cute and i think i have had some rough stuff in my life but i think i deserve to be treated like a queen i am a really good hearted person and ive been walked all over one too many times
    so she makes me feel powerful! :smile:

    Then i got the purse charm because, well DUH!!!! ;) hehe

    Then i got 2 cats to represent my 2 baby cakes :smile: Napolean and Angelina they are like my children so they def. each deserved a charm i was going to get just one cat but i didnt think it was fair haha :smile:

    And then finally my last 2 charms represent/remind me of my parents :smile:

    I got the tea pot for my mom (because for as long as i can remember she has always had a cup of tea in her hand , EVERY DAY :smile: haha and i always get tea for her if im out, Etc tea is just a big part of her day and always reminds me of her!)

    And i got the jewish star charm for my pops because he is jewish, NOT religious in any way at all but his brother lives in Israel, and we still like light the menorah on Hanukah and he associates himself as jewish so :smile:

    thats my bracelet here are my pics :smile:
    thanks !
  2. Very nice! Once you get yourself some clips the charms will stay in whichever section you place them. I usually put them in the middle section until I have enough to space out on the bracelet.

    I've got 8 new charms coming, I'll post pics once they arrive and I rearrange :smile:
  3. So cute Bessie, Can't wait to see what get added to it. :smile:
  4. Hi there! I started a new thread about Pandora Bracelets, I should have searched first. A friend of mine introduced me to it. I purchased the starter bracelet, two clips and the silver/gold crown for now. WOW they are expensive! I love your kitties.
  5. I got my very first Pandora bracelet today. So far I have just one charm, a cat like your two. And I bought two clips- did you get those? They keep your charms centered.
    I want a Queen Bee, too, and some colored beads. But I have to start slow.
    I am worried about the size of my bracelet. I got the 8.3, my wrist measures just over 7inches.
  6. The nice thing about the Pandora bracelets IMO is they look great from the time you have one charm until they're filled.

    I have two almost full ones and am now trying to figure out if I want a third.

  7. hey ohh so explain the clips to me, do they just go on those 3 places where you have the like bumps that you turn the charms over to get them into the section you want or do they go wherever on the bracelet?! :smile:
  8. There are two spots that the clips fit on the bracelet. They are approximately at 1/3 and 2/3 if that makes any sense. They keep the beads contained to one secion. The beads will still twist over the end posts (where the clasp is) unless you have the safety chain.

    Hope that makes sense.
  9. Here's one of mine...I'm still waiting for 5 beads and one clip in the mail...
  10. And the other...sorry for two posts, was having trouble with pics.
  11. ohhh so can you tell me which of those are the clips? i wish there was a way to make each bead stay still! i llove love mine but i dont want it to be totally full i dont think but i hate that they all just move all over and stufff
  12. From the right, the 4th and the 11th on the 'blue' bracelet are clips and the one to the right of the butterfly on the pink one.
  13. Your bracelet does not have to be full to use clips. By using clips, you can select the number of beads you want in each section. Clips will definitely keep the beads where you want them.

    There are several styles of clips to choose from. The newest styles have stones. Or go with plain silver witih different designs. The two clips you select can be the same design or different. In my picture below, the two with ridges by the pink glass are clips.

    Have fun with your bracelet!

  14. How did you know what size to get? How much bigger is your bracelet than your wrist?
  15. I noticed that Pandora charm bracelets are not too popular on the forum, however, I just wanted to share my finished product (after three months of building) to the few who are interested.


    As you can see in the second picture, my love for LV and purses is showcased in this bracelet....