Show Off Your Pandora Bracelets (or Troll Bead Ones) :)

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  1. hehe aw its so cute!!! i still only have 6 charms on mine, i want more but i dont know if i want to fill it, i havent decided :smile: but yours looks GREAT! :smile:
  2. How much does it cost to complete a bracelet?
  3. Awww cute bracelets! I never knew that's what they were called...
  4. It all depends on what type of beads you choose. The silver beads ranges from $8 to $40. The gold beads also come with diamonds or gemstones which ranges from $50 to $400+ per bead.

    My bracelet's total cost is $1,167.
  5. I love my Pandora and it is slowly getting full. I originally bought the bead clasp style but ended up selling that one and buying a lobster claw clasp because I could not get the bead unsnapped. I have very short nails.
    I have noticed that the ads for finished bracelets usually show a color theme for the glass beads- all blue, all pink, etc. I have three glass beads on mine, and I have just chosen my favorite colors- red, turquoise, and black so far.
  6. i had actually never heard of Pandora until my dad suggested it for my mom for ber b-day...we got her the silver bracelet 2 spacers, 2 clasps that makes the charms stay in place and 5 was REALLY expensive, a lot more than I thought it would be and it's only 1/3 of the way done! :wtf: She loves it though! I'll take pics soon! :smile:

  7. As you can see, I'm not a fan of the murano glass. I only have one, the black and white polka dots. I love red, but the shade of red I like is only available in the gold bead and I just can't justify paying $174 for a glass bead! Anyway, I got my bff hooked on it and she loves the glass beads. She has a full bracelet with different turquoise glass...
  8. Watch for new glass beads coming out in October or November. There's a new red bead with a triangle design - looks geometric. It's very nice. Maybe you'll like that one. It's a brighter red than the Murano glass that you described. I agree, the gold core Murano beads are overpriced. Who will see the gold core on the bead?!

    I made a beautiful sample bracelet using that red glass bead that you like and all gold beads with an all gold bracelet. It looked great with garnet and ruby stones. That bracelet was priced in the $5000 price range!

    For purple lovers, there's a new purple glass bead, too.

    The next group of Pandora beads are fabulous. I saw samples of them at a trade show that I attended. There will be two beads with a mother of pearl inlay with a heart design. Very different.

    I'm a real fan of glass so I'm looking forward to the new styles!
  9. Where do you buy these from?
  10. I've completed two bracelets. One is comprised of black and white beads and the other one is all in pink. The pics didn't come out too good. The bracelets are really pretty IRL.


  11. YAY! Thanks for the info! I am looking forward to seeing the new red Murano. I have seen the garnets and rubies with gold beads and it is TDF but waayyy over my budget! I would like to find out more information about their trade shows. I am in the Southern California area, if you have any info to share I would surely appreciate it!
  12. Beautiful! Loving your pandora box too!

  13. New beads will be available on Pandora websites starting on October 1. The new items will be shipped to stores in September.

    The new glass Muranos have a triangle geometric look to them. I love the purple one and will build a purple bracelet.

    There's a September football promotion running for a limited time. Buy $100 worth of beads and receive a free football bead. It's a great deal if you like the football bead or it can be used as a gift.

  14. Lol...I have the football bead. My 9 y.o. son picked it out as he looovveesss football. He says this way, he'll always be with me everywhere I go....:love:

    Looking forward to the new beads! A purple bracelet sounds beautiful... Post when your done!

  15. You girls are a bad influence. I went to a local store tonight on the boardwalk at Ocean City, NJ, who had both Pandora and Troll beads. AFter much debate I decided to make a Troll beads bracelet, they said that Pandora fits on Troll, but Troll does not fit on Pandora because the bracelet is wider. The Troll beads seemed a little more reasonable and I liked that I could pick out the clasp. I decided on a beach motif with blues and violets, and $380, later had a pretty bracelet with fish, crabs, jelly fish, starfish and complemeting murano glass beads (9 charms and 2 spacers). It filled about 3/4 of the bracelet, with a cute fish clasp. Will post picture as soon as I get home.