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Feb 26, 2006
Incredible! I love these so much, I already had the Marie Paillette when these came out so I really didn’t feel justified. They are beautiful on you, I would love to see more photos and to know what outfit you created around them. My MP sadly have not been worn yet…
Thank you:flowers:!

It's the silver/black striped ones with palette tassels that you have right?

It was actually the first time I wore them out of the house as so many of our holidays/restaurant evenings had been cancelled, but I've had them since January.

I've been debating them for almost a year with myself since I have so few occasions to wear these (even without Corona), the white is super delicate and I couldn't stand it to get stains on them, but then only my size was left on NAP and I though I could at least try them, and then kept them of course:angel:.

I wore them with a red washed silk Zimmerman dress (matched the soles perfectly), I'll take more pics the next time I wear them.

Please do post a picture when you wear yours:heart:.


Jan 26, 2009
Metro Detroit
Sounds like an amazing outfit! Yes, the black and silver MP with the tassels. I know what you mean about them being delicate but I support your decision to go ahead. These styles are absolute works of art and will be rare treasures.
Sidenote, I am obsessed with all things Belgian, from dogs to designers:cool::cool::cool:


You can never have too many heels!
Dec 11, 2015
My new to me Pigalle Follies 100 in Black Suede
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Also, I’ve always been told that CLs run small and to size up but I wear a 35.5 in all my CLs and almost every other heel I own. I’ve also been told that his shoes would not work for me as I have a slightly wide foot, but none feel narrow on my foot. Some have a very tiny gap in the back as you can see with these Pigalles but they don’t pop off or feel big. I think a 35 would be too tight around the toe box so I’m sticking with 35.5, but wouldn’t this mean they run big??

So, what’s the deal with literally everyone and their mother telling me they run super small? I’m glad I didn’t listen to their advice because I would be swimming in all of them! Somebody please tell me I’m not crazy for thinking they run TTS or even a little big.
You are not crazy! I find they run TTS as well.