Show Me Your Naked Nails!

  1. Nothing on but the radio.

  2. Here are my nekkid nails. :biggrin: I finally painted them today after three days. No sun today but will post pics when it comes out as I have on Nfu Oh# 62.

  3. Gorgeous nekkids ladies!! I feel closer to you gals already. He-he. *BOOM CHICKA WOW WOW*
  4. My naked nails getting ready for this weeks polish change.

  5. Getting ready for my next mani:

  6. I've noticed that one of the keys to keeping my nails in good condition is to always moisturize immediately after using remover. Usually what I do is take off the old polish, apply a generous amount of cuticle cream to the entire cuticle & nail bed area, and don a pair of cotton jeweler's gloves. Then I hop onto tPF for half an hour to let it soak in! (^(oo)^)

    As a bonus, when I remove the gloves, my cuticles are soft and easy to be push back. Then I swab down the nail beds with rubbing alcohol to remove the excess oil and apply my new manicure.
  7. you ladies all have such nicely shaped nail beds, and great healthy looking nails!!
  8. Looking sexy ladies!! :smile:
  9. Thank you!!! :flowers:

    Thank you!!! :flowers:

    Pretty nekkids gals!!!! :tup:
  10. Not totally naked (I'm never without Nailtiques on at least).

    Picture of left hand. Right hand has some issues with broken nails!
  11. Lovely!!

    I'm trying to love that Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream but I just can't get over the lemon-y scent. *sigh*

    Sending get well wishes to your right hand!!
  12. Try using a basecoat that restores flexibility so nails don't crack and peel. I use Jessica Bend Don't Break and find it's one of the best I've tried.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Hi there ladies!

    Here's my pitiful hand, waiting for my Shellac order to come in. I've got some cuticle healing to do yet, but things are coming along nicely, I think. Nothing like a new order on it's way to get me motivated to keep using the cuticle oil every night!
    No polish 1.jpg
  15. Lovely nekkids ladies!!!