Show me your Kelly Dogs

  1. Pardon my ignorance...but how are these adjustable? My new kelly dog only fits in the middle slot.

    It spins like crazy in the middle slot...I'd like to mitigate this.
  2. there's 3 holes. it should fit in all 3. i wear mine on the smallest hole.
  3. I only have CDCs, but all of your pictures are making me crave one!
  4. My Kelly Dogs are adjustable. They fit in all three slots.
  5. I wear mine on the "smallest" hole as well. Here's a quick pic:

  6. Yikes! There is something wrong!!!! Mine won't fit in any hole other than the middle hole.
  7. can you take a picture of your kelly dog and post it? the 3 slots are fully open so i wonder why your's won't fit?
  8. Well, this is REALLY embarassing. I went back to the store this morning before my flight. I just wasn't pushing hard enough! The first and last slot are "tighter" for some reason.
  9. :p tee hee...well, at least we know it was not defective.
  10. Sharing my KDs, both from an H angel. Amethyst and Fuschia alligator, PHW
    May2011 005.JPG May2011 006.JPG May2011 007.JPG
  11. awww congrats!! i so want a fuschia kelly dog!

    mind sharing where you got it from? :biggrin:
  12. Beautiful!!!:love:
  13. So pretty, can u tell me how much is the exotic skin ones? I want one so bad after reading this:graucho:
  14. They are just sooo pretty! Could you post some modelling photos too? :smile:
  15. duckiee these were found for me by a friend, one who loves H very much as well.
    tae thank you very much!
    brtracy I believe alligator Kelly Dogs retail for approx USD1K
    MaggyH Alas I am too shy to post modelling pics, my apologies. :shame::blush: