Show me your ADIOS STAR Denaros!!

  1. I want one so bad but can't find the right print placement. Please show me yours!!
  2. Well, mine is an example of what NOT to get. The only worse placement than mine that I can think of would have the sumo baby on it lol.

    I ordered it off (since I can't buy Tokidoki bags in any of our Macy*s or Nordstroms here in Ohio.)


  3. Thanks for posting this! I CANNOT find an adios star denaro with any characters. I just want one that isn't cut off..EXCEPT for sumo baby and I can't get any help at the outlets:sad:
  4. My Nordstrom has two AS denaros, but neither of them has anything on them but baby butts and peaches.

    Macy's here in AZ doesn't carry denaros at all. :tdown:

  5. there is one on eBay right now with stellina and half of fantasmino on the front and the girl in the star on the back
  6. i love sumo baby! i totally want a denaro with her on the front but they're hard to find around here.
  7. i saw one on ebay like last week
  8. i was watching that one, but i didn't get around to bidding on it. i am lazy at ebay. i want the buy it now.
  9. The seller says she ripped a piece off the baby's butt packaging it up the 1st time she sold it. So it was damaged... don't feel bad you missed it.
  10. angelic*ruin- hey im from ohio too!! what city r u from?!