Show me how you store your Hermes! Silly, mindless fun!

  1. OK, I store mine in my princess closet which is finally done!:yahoo:
    When you enter my closet there is a small enty area where the first section has accessory drawers where I store sunglasses and jewelery. (above that portion, there is a closed cabinent where I keep my empty scarf boxes, lint brushes and misc stuff; below this portion is a large hamper compartment. A must have!:tup:)
    [​IMG] IMG_3389_1.JPG
    IMG_3381_1.JPG IMG_3382_1.JPG
  2. Also in that section right next to that cabinent, I have a hanging area (things coming up from the laundy room that need to be ironed before put away) and also my scarf drawers.
    IMG_3383_1.JPG IMG_3392_1.JPG
  3. On the other side of that space there is a bulletin board (my inspiration board) where I put pix from magazines for looks I like). my belts hang below this section.
  4. When are you inviting me to tea inside your closet, S? :p I'll bring the tea, you bring the closet!!
  5. RC ~ I'm So In Love With Your Closet!!!!!!!! I Was So Excited (When We Had Moved) I Thought ~ I Had A Nice Size Walk-in.....Forget It ~ I Think I'm Taking Over A Room:nuts:

    ETA: Ninja, I Want To Come, Too!!!!!!!
  6. Next you enter into the larger room...:yahoo:chandy, leopard chair, pretty pink ottoman, leopard valances....
    My handbags are in glass enclosed cases..
    H is over the jeans and pants and Chanel over the dresses.
    IMG_3393_1.JPG IMG_3394_1.JPG IMG_3395_1.JPG
  7. A couple of LVs and a balenciaga are on the other side, similar sort of set up!
  8. The center section holds a cedar cabinent. I put my new obsession of H cashmere scarves (thanks jedi!) there with furs (sorry) and sweaters on the bottom.
    IMG_3393_1.JPG IMG_3397_1.JPG IMG_3396_1.JPG
  9. One wall houses my shoe collection--no H yet!
  10. Finally my mirror is finally in and the little cabinent next to it is a fold down iron!
  11. Showed you mine! Show me yours!
  12. You are officially my idol.
  13. OMG, S, your closet is AMAZING!!! I especially love that you have an inspiration board!!!
  14. Baggluv and NS, You are invited anytime...NS, perhaps we should have champagne instead of tea!
  15. I'm such a fashion nerd!! I've always had one of these. It used to be in my office but now I have room in the closet. It is kind of empty right now but will be full in no time!