Shoulder Straps for Muse??

  1. hey everyone!! I was at Nordstrom today and saw some of the new YSL muse bags that had an attachable shoulder strap -- and whoa would that work for me!! I have the chocolate XL muse from 06 and would LOVE a strap - does anyone know where I can find one?? please help!!!

    thanks! :yahoo:
  2. I have the same concern monblu! my husband saw the picture of lindsey lohan (geez, what DOESN't she have?) with the Yris Muse which comes with a thin shoulder strap. He's not a bag person AT ALL but I guess he loved the bag. Odd isn't it?

    So we made a trip to midtown manhattan YSL to check out if they had it anymore. The 2006-2007 muse bags do not come with straps at any size. And they don't sell it on the side or seperately either. They no longer make or have the Yris at any stores in the united states (except a canvas one at some mall??). (yeah, we made some calls. =) Anyways, I hope this helps.

    Personally, I'm waiting to get a muse until I can decide for sure which size/color I really want. And I think your color, chocolate, is absolutely gorgeous.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for letting us know, loveallbags5!
  4. my pleasure~
  5. ^^Yes, this is all true. The "regular" Muses do not come with straps. And the "Yris" Muse, which had a strap, sold out long ago.
  6. i was all excited to see the straps because as big as the xl muse is, and for it being a hand held only basically means it doesn't get much use. it's been in my closet now for most of the fall and winter because as big as it is, i tend to load it up with stuff and then is way too heavy for me to carry it as a hand held only. it totally sucks.

    i've even considered selling it on eBay, but then I saw the straps and got my hopes up high. the biggest problem now though is that the straps I saw at nordys were a flat/matte leather finish and my leather from the 06 collection is a bit more semi-gloss. bummer!!!!!:cursing:
  7. This is kind of a shady option? but I pondered for a minute there whether a strap from LV could suffice. The strap for the epi brown bag could be detached and put on your xl muse... but I have no idea what it would look like cus I only checked out the strap at and i'm sure the colors will not match. too bad they don't sell the straps that comes with Rive Gauche for the muse for those who want it.

    I can see how the look and design of the muse doesn't necessarily go with straps but it would be nice to just have the option, right?

    We can only wish....

    wish you the best!