Shoulder Strap Question?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I just got my night/ gold crackle MAM from the NM sales (Yeah! )
    It is an absolute beauty! I need a shoulder strap to make it complete. Can anyone tell me
    what color (can't find night on the website) and style (Elisa or Hobo) of the shoulder strap should I order?

  2. I can't help you with the color, but can tell you the Elisha strap is long enough to make your MAM like a messenger bag (across your body) and the Hobo strap is just that - make it like a hobo, just go over your shoulder. Hope that helps.
  3. pallas, the onyx strap is black - that would be the best match for your bag, IMO.
  4. If you want the Elisha Strap in Night, email Catalina. I just found this in the RM Maven Thread

  5. Thanks ladies..just email Catalina today..will see what happened after that...BTW, does anyone know that whether the Elisha shoulder strap is adjustable?
  6. The Elisha strap is not adjustable.. sorry.