Shoulder Strap for Speedy 30 - What Size/Length?

  1. Hi Guys!

    Just wondering what size shoulder strap I should get for my Speedy Damier Azur 30?

    I can't get to a LV store presently, so I'm going to have to purchase somewhere online and I really have no idea what length/width is designed for this and would be best, comfort wise etc...

    I've also seen a shoulder comfort slide that can go on some of the straps, does anyone know anything about the correct name for these and whether they would be compatible for a Speedy shoulder strap?

    Thanks for any suggestions and advice :smile:
  2. Ummmm...any help or opinions whatsoever would be GREATLY appreciated! :flowers:

    Has anyone ever used a shoulder strap with their Speedy's? :tumbleweed:
  3. Hi there, I just received a shoulder strap for my Alma, see pic. It's product No J52312 on the receipt, 3/4" (16mm) wide and the length goes from 40" (100cm) to 47" (120cm). :smile:

    This strap would also be suitable width/length for Speedy although there are not the same hardware for fastening a strap as on Alma. Here are some more threads on this:

  4. Oh cool, thanks so much for that Elliespurse :idea:
    I really appreciate that info, I just know that I'd like to use a shoulder strap but there are so many different sizes and styles. And not having used a strap with a Speedy before meant I didn't know what would be good for weight and support, without putting too much strain on the bag or my shoulder...
    Thanks for the links too!
  5. That's what I use on mine, but I have it in vachetta and in different colors to match my pieces.

  6. Thanks him8nce_momma69 :smile:, so I take it then that a 3/4 inch wide and a 40 inch long strap works well with your Speedy ? Speedy's don't seem to be designed with shoulder straps in mind in the first place, so I guess I'm bucking the trend but I can't help thinking that occassionally it would be handy to have one...

    Have you seen the shoulder pads that go on some straps, you see them on some of the other LV designs? I wonder if you can purchase them seperately too, or whether it would just not look good at all? :wondering
  7. Hi *Maple*, I have seen the pads; they're usually referred to as shoulder (strap) stays. One of my duffle straps has it, and my Saumur 43, so that the strap will "stay put." I haven't seen them being sold separately, but you might be able to find one in your local store as a "spare part."

    Personally, I wouldn't use one of those with the Speedy. Speedys weren't made to have the strap attached, like the Alma, Ellipse or the Deauville, which have extended handle hardware made specifically for attaching a shoulder strap. But when my kids were little, I liked having the option of being able to throw my Speedys on my shoulder when necessary. Now that they're older, I still like having the option. The only one that I can't do that with is my Monogramouflage 35 because I'd prefer to have a black strap, not vachetta, for that one. Most of the time, though, the strap that I attach just hangs, sort of like the straps on the Stephen, the Courtney, the Rita, the Judy, the Boetie, the Palermo, etc.

    I'd say, if you want to use a strap for your Speedy, go for it; I always do, and I don't worry about what others think about it...
  8. Thanks so much for advice, I'll give the shoulder strap stay a miss then but I think I will pick up a shoulder strap. Just for when those times I happen to have my hands full...which happens a lot and can get quite awkward trying to navigate everything at once. Maybe I'll have to think about the gorgeous Alma or Ellipse :biggrin:

  9. ^^You're welcome! Enjoy! :smile:
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    hi Maple, the straps are not available online (don't know why not). fyi, the LV store in Caesars Forum in Las Vegas was the one who had the ebene strap for my speedy 25. maybe you can call them if your local SA cannot locate one for you. There's bound to be some store out there who has it and can send to you. good luck!

    btw, i too got a new damier speedy (25 ebene) and if i could not find a strap for it, i would not keep it. i need my hands constantly. also, i recently ordered a 'clipa', a purse hanger clip that you can use for hanging your bag on tables, doorknobs, shopping carts, etc. i love it even more than my strap! is the website for the bag hanger.
  11. Hi ireallylovelv :smile:

    Yeah I've noticed that the straps don't seem to be appearing on any LV websites (I'm from Australia and our region doesn't have them listed). So I thought I might look at eBay or phone our Sydney LV store and ask what they could possibly get in for me.

    Funny you should mention the 'clipa' I've been just looking at getting a purse hanger clip. But I was really looking for one you could hang on door knobs too. This is great to see there is actually one which is designed with that in mind too. Looks like a simple, effective design. :smile:

    What Shoulder Strap width & length did you get for your Speedy 25?
  12. Hi Maple,

    Hello to down under:smile: I went to Sydney on business years ago and loved my visit there. Very much like San Francisco which is closeby to me.

    Glad to help here.. Elliespurse gave you very good info on which strap to get for your speedy 30 azur. When she said it goes from 40-47 inches, that just means that it is adjustable to be 40 inches at the shortest and 47 inches at the longest. So I'd go with that one.

    As for what I have. I am not so lucky as you because mine is in the ebene (dark) color, I had to get a strap that matched it, hence a dark brown ebene strap and they only come in the 1/2 inch width (whereas yours is 3/4 inches, a bit more). the wider, the less pressure, hence the more comfortable as i'm sure you know..the length of mine is about the same, 46 in at the longest i believe. your option is also softer since it is untreated leather.

    good luck and let me know if you need further clarification. and yes abt the clipa, it's wonderful so far. i haven't really used it yet but i went around my house and found that it clips onto door knobs also (i didn't see it advertised as such) and many other uses. i wish i thought of it myself:smile: i saw a newsclip about the clipa and a husband whose wife was having handbag troubles thought of it. you can search on utube and find clipa newsclips. it's a fairly new product i think. i'm thankful to others on this forum who mentioned it in the first place.

    oh one more thing. having a strap is definitely better than not having one, but keep in mind that if you have lots in your bag, the shape might change a bit when carried by the strap over time. so you might want to use sparingly. also, someone said that the polish rubs off a bit also. personally i think the gains of having a strap outweigh both those factors.

    btw, the strap isn't cheap. it was about $200 for me, but oh well. if i had another bag from another maker that used a dark brown removable strap, i might use it. i almost used a cloth one that i have but it just doesn't look that great.

    oh about the comfort slide - i agree with a previous poster that the speedy isn't designed for a strap in the first place since it is quite an elegant shape of a bag. so i'd probably leave off a comfort slide just because of the look of it. seems to be too casual of a look. i believe the 3/4 inch will be ok for you as long as you don't overstuff your bag.

    good luck,

  13. Btw, one more thing: I have my strap adjusted to the longest length since I also plan to wear my bag crossbody sometimes since I have an active 6 year old. I wonder if I'm the only one to do it:smile: It's interesting to see on one of these threads a new speedy (i forget which size) which had a shoulder strap but it looked different and was expensive. maybe in a few years we'll see more speedies with shoulder straps since women are becoming more active. they need to get with the times:smile: --Good luck!
  14. I like the idea of having a strap for your speedy. I know this was also mentioned already in the thread but, speedy's are not meant to be used as shoulder bags. It is a classic bag but i do like that you are adding a bit of personality to it as well. If you do end up purchasing the stap i would say go with the 40" to 47" as elliespurse mentioned. Also it would look great if you were to shorten it as to always keeping it long. Goodluck and hope to see some pictures of the purse after your purchase!!!! :biggrin:
  15. For my speedy 30 I got the 40" havent used it yet..