Should this black city be my BDay present?

  1. I want to get a black city for my birthday next month and like thick, nicely distressed leather, possibly from S/S 05. I talked to Daphne at BalNY and she seemed to think they still have some in stock. I'm debating whether to get this bag on ebay, thinking the BIN might be a little high. What do you all think of the pricing on this? Do you think I should grab this before someone else does, wait it out and bid at the starting price, or go through BalNY? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I think the price is a little high. The bag has some wear on the corners (although the leather is beautiful)

    I was on a never ending search for a black city with very thick, smooshy leather. Joseph found me a perfect one from f/w06, it arrived Thursday. I have several bags from 05 and I think the leather on my new black city has thicker leather :smile:

    I would go for a new city...the good leather bags are out there.

    Happy Birthday!
  3. If what you meant is that in balNY they can get you a 05 city, I would make sure about that straight away and I would prefer that option.

    If it's not an 05 that they have in stock, well I would mayby buy the one one ebay, even if I agrre it's a bit expensive (but that's just me...)

    I must add that I have just bought a couple of weeks ago a black city in that new 06fall skin (the non veiny one that everybody says is much closer to the older skins). It's not bad at all, it IS much better than last SS skin, and when I bought it I had gone to the shop for a rouge vif but I ended up taking the black one because I thought the skin was better.I unfortunatelycan't compare it to an 05 skin since I have never seen one IRL though.
    Maybe you could check at Bal NY? ( if it's not too far away from where you are)
  4. I think the price is too high, especially if its got scuffing on the corners. Maybe send her a message and make an offer. She may then lower the BIN and you can buy it. I've done that with some success, even though theres no make on offer on it, sometimes sellers want the money and will lower the price for you. I've done that just to get things sold.
  5. hmmmmmmmmm, i'm 99% sure they don't have any '05 black cities in stock there :confused1:...but i think what daphne means is they might have the type of leather you're looking for (she's my SA too) ;)
  6. Thanks so much everyone for the great suggestions!

    I just bought the bag after seeing that the seller lowered the BIN! Is the seller a TPFer? I was a bit concerned about the scuffs, but the price was right. I'm hoping some conditioner will help -- I have used Apple in the past but just bought some from Lovinmybags, so I'll try that.

    livethelake - Also congrats on your gorgeous city and thanks for the happy birthday (its not for another month but I'm sure everyone here understands how hard it is to wait).
  7. Congratulations citychris enjoy your present and post pictures if you can when you receive it.
  8. Congrats CityChris! It's a gorgeous bag... I resisted buying a black city for a long time and one day I woke up and realized I needed one. It's a classic :love:
  9. Congratulations, so happy for you!
  10. yippeeeeeeeeee, congrats girl & happy b-day too's a gorgeous bag & the scuffs are so minor, i can barely see them :tender:
  11. Thanks for your congrats everyone, I'm really excited! I'll post pics. when I receive the bag.
  12. Congratulations citychris!! It's a gorgeous bag. Actually, I was eyeing it too, but I'm glad you got it before me. I'm waiting for the Blue India but was thrown off by the leather on this bag....:heart:
  13. Oh gosh, I think you got a great deal! I think the BIN pricce of $999 is reasonable - you saved $200 and most bags get some wear on the corners. Congrats... it's such a versatile bag - I love mine!!
  14. hobbit - I know how it is to have your mind set on one bag and get distracted, good luck with finding a BI bag that you love!

    tweetie - That's kind of the reasoning I used too -- thanks!
  15. I bought a s/s 06 black from LVR which is thick soft non-veiny leather, then I bought a s/s 05 that was listed here on the auctung site and I just couldn't control myself. So side by side, they were a lot a like and I even posted pics here. I ended up using the 05 and the o6 just sits while I decide its ultimate home. I liked getting a bag slightly broken in, it's kind of like a one year old car that's almost perfect and a brand new car, that you're always so worried abought even though you know sooner or later you're going to make a tiny ding on it. Saving the money means more for another bag. Enjoy