Should I upgrade? Please help!

  1. Thank you for the compliment! Who knows, at the end of all this i might just appreciate my stone even more and have a hard time letting it go.
  2. Right? Since I'm already saying it might look dirty?? The worst is looking through a loupe and wishing you could just grab some windex and a shirt! Your stone is amazingly beautiful! I think you found a really great sweet spot!
  3. thanks!!!!

    Yea try to not judge it til you see it in person, and if it's eye clean THEN loupe it. Hopefully its not "dusty" and works out, but if not, lots still out there to see!
  4. I love how special that Star129 cut is! See it's just that something special i'm after. To me, the clarity of my stone is special, but in this one i'm considering, the color is special. I might not be able to loupe it. Hubby might have to do that and decide for me!
  5. lol! I am far too much of a control freak for that!!!

    This is a cut that you have to see in person and not just photos. I personally love it, I've owned a few. I told myself if something happens where I have to replace another ring, I am gonna have to change it up. Crisscut cushion or something. GOG sells the Star129, and can see what stock is out there, but anything above an SI1 Clarity might be hard to find in general, without having them take an ideal RB and have it recut by Star129 :smile:
  6. I would keep the better quality of diamond.

    Diamond is diamond because of the perfect beauty...otherwise it is only a stone :smile:
  7. ^ Hmm, while I understand that POV, I disagree. Almost no diamond is "perfect", and to find a perfect stone on someone's hand is even more rare. The vast majority of diamonds are NOT perfect, and the vast majority of people aren't even looking for a perfect stone. I know of one D, IF stone on this board, and perhaps there are others I cannot remember (I am sure there are, as there are so many posted), but looking through the photo posts, all the "imperfect" stones are gorgeous. Indeed, some people intentionally shop for warmer stones or go for eye-clean SI stones for a better price, and I think those are perfectly legitimate choices.

    Anyway, so I disagree with the idea that if a diamond is not perfect it is "just a stone". I think many people have heart-stoppingly beautiful diamonds that will be heirlooms, perfect or not.
  8. Wait! Hold the phone! So i could potentially have my current stone recut to Star129? Or do they have really specific proportions they need?

    I like your diamond style. You love something special too!
  9. Yea, I don't know all the rules on recuts, I would ASSUME they would have some proportions that are preferred, simply bec they are laser cut. Jon would be the one to ask. I have NO IDEA on costs at all. I just know that it was given as an option at one point when I was frustrated. Ill email and see if he can give me the info.

    I do like special cuts a lot. If I had started with a regular RB before maybe I wouldn't have gone this route but since I saw them I have loved them!

    Also to the above poster...just because a stone is lower clarity does not imply poor quality. "Perfection" is relative.
  10. So true! This forum has been my best inspiration!! So so so many amazing stones and each unique in their own way!

    I by far LOVE a warmer stone. If i had it my way, i would have a 1.5 to 2ct K color IF Asscher and maybe some day I will find that. I have had a couple stones and each one gets a little warmer. I picked my current stone for its clarity and my previous one for its color which was an E but I learned my favorite colors are I through M. And my top two are I with medium blue flour and K with no flour. I do still love an IF stone too though. But I'm craving something more.
  11. I just noticed that the Star129 folks are using GOG's videos. Or Jon made special ones for them
  12. i am totally going to explore this. If not for what i have, maybe for something else.
  13. If I get a reply Ill let you know :smile: I am 99% sure he told me that was an option if I didn't find one I was happy with in my range for clarity.
  14. I was digging thru the engagement ring thread again and you two also have two of my favorite rings. It is so funny that you remember names on here and think "I know them they have a pretty ring" and then when you come across a ring you love in the reference threads and notice the name you can put two and two together! Well you both have gorgeous fatty gigantic round diamonds and they too have similar clarity to the one I get to see tomorrow! One also was a similar color! And those are the exact rings that make me want to upgrade mine! So thank you for showing me there is a nice big fat fancy happy medium to diamonds!
  15. I retract my previous advice! Half-way at least! I still say pass on the 2 ct I color but I'm going to go with option 3:

    If u want a K asscher that's IF, I think thats what you need to go for! I'm helping a friend shop for an asscher right now for his gf and those beautiful even chunky steps.... Yum! The thought of a nice warmer super clean and clear asscher in pink gold is literally drool worthy. It just sounds so warm like warm melting chocolate onto a perfectly ripen strawberry....

    That gets my vote!