Should I sell?

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Should it stay or should it go?

  1. Keep the Cabas Piano and keep saving to add to your collection

  2. Sell the Piano and get the Damier Speedy 30 (when it comes out)

  3. Sell the Piano and get the Cabas Mezzo

  4. Sell the Piano and get the Batignolle Horizontal

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  1. Sure :lol: I know the bf won't be ready to buy until May 2 (my birthday is May 3), since does everything last minute :P I'm thinking about a used Cabas Piano, Vernis Reade or Lexington, or a new white MC Wapity :biggrin:
  2. I was only kidding hun,
    true my B-day is April 18th, but I wouldnt do that to ya;)
  3. I wish they had a Damier wapity. I would so get the Damier speedy and the wapity. I wonder how much special order would be ????;)
  4. Me, too. I want that damier speedy now.
  5. You should keep it. It has a lovely patina. But if you do decide to sell it, it's good to know that it's going to a good home. Goodluck!
  6. Are you going to use the new bag (if you sell) for work? If you are I would get the Batignolles. If you have papers etc. I'm not sure the Speedy would accomodate that without squashing your papers.
  7. I don't carry papers, I refuse to do homework from work. If it doesn't get done, I do it later or someone else can do it. I will carry it for work. I really like the Batignolles so I guess I'll see how it wears when I can get a baby sitter and go to Cinci for a few hours.
  8. I went to the boutique yesterday. I took my name off the Damier speedy list and I'm going to get the Batignolles Horizontal. Of course I didn't walk away empty handed, I bought a Pochette Accessories. My friend who went along for "the ride" bought a white multicolor speedy 30. It was fun and I can't wait to get my new bag. The Piano will go up for auction sometime next week.
  9. Why do we sell our LV's. I gave my speedy...yes a friend of mine who couldn't afford one on her own no matter how hard she tried. I so miss that bag. I know I did a good deed but after 16 years of owning it I sure miss it now. You may think about tucking it away. They are always a classic and always something to pull out at a later date.

    The only piece I would consider selling is a wallet I own. When you own 5 LV's thats a little too many I guess when it comes to LV accessories you could say I am addicted.