Should I sell?

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Should it stay or should it go?

  1. Keep the Cabas Piano and keep saving to add to your collection

  2. Sell the Piano and get the Damier Speedy 30 (when it comes out)

  3. Sell the Piano and get the Cabas Mezzo

  4. Sell the Piano and get the Batignolle Horizontal

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Should I sell my Cabas Piano and maybe get something new? I want something a little larger so maybe the Damier Speedy 30? Cabas Mezzo? Batignolles Horizontal?
  2. I love the cabas piano, but the damier speedy 30 would be a great choice!
  3. I just bought a used (but immaculate) Babylone that I'm thinking is too big for me. how big is the cabas?
  4. Tha Cabas Piano is about 9" x 12" x 2.5"
  5. How much would you want to sell it for, allison? I get to choose a bag for my birthday, budget $400-450. Any chance it might be within this range? :nuts:
  6. yeah it will be in that range
  7. Damier Speedy! ^_^
  8. Here's pictures of my Piano to give you guys an idea what I should do. I'm not sure how big these are so I appologize if they are huge or small:
  9. Gorgeous bag! I voted that you keep but, but if you don't use it, sell it because I"m sure you'll get a great price. And don't forget to post in Marketplace!
  10. It's my work bag. I carry it every day to work since I have to get all dressy. My every day bag is my enormous Coach Hamptons Weekend bag. I can carry it until I save up. I'm leanign towards selling it, putting that money in my handbag saving account, put the money I get from my Fendi auction up now and my lot auction, put all of my lunch money from every day in there, and get what I really want.

    oh yeah and it will deffinatly be in the Marketplace ;)
  11. I voted towards selling and getting a mezzo, but it seems like I am in the minority. I figure, if you like the bag shape and you want something a little larger, it's the best way to go. Even Angelina seems to think so ! ;)
  12. I say keep it its a very lovely piece. But if you should sell it and Christina decides against it please let me know Im very interested also.
  13. I think an hour long road trip to the boutique this weekend is in order to try all of the bags on to make up my mind ;)
  14. :lol: My Birthday is first:P , do I get first dibs? LOL:lol: :lol:
  15. Allison that sounds like a perfect plan. Though I'd be in trouble as I'd end up wanting more bags after trying them on lol.