Should I sell or not?


Should I sell it for $300?

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  1. Hi! I just want to get your thoughts about this. I’m currently selling my Chanel Handbag in eBay because I think the bag is too small for me and I usually have a lot of stuffs inside my bag and I don’t use it that much. I received a message from an eBay member asking me some details about my handbag and giving me an offer of $300 BIN. I didn’t put any BIN there because I just want to sell my bag to the highest bidder. My handbag’s bidding price is $255 and I don’t know whether to sell it to her or not! Please help me decide! Thanks!
  2. I think Swanky may move this to a more appropriate place... but I just wanted to tell you, before you do something that will get you into trouble with scammers... do not accept that BIN.
  3. Which bag is it? I cannot imagine selling a Chanel wallet for $300 let alone a bag!!
  4. The eBay forum sent you here? Oh, I apologize for insinuating that you posted this in the wrong place. I would have thought they would have the best advice for you about BINs...
  5. I also thought. But they said better ask here because it is related to Chanel.
  6. That's cute bag. I think if you feel comfortable going through with it why not unless you want to hold out since you still have 4 days left in the auction.
  7. I'm really confused.. I need cash but still I'm still hoping the bag is going to be sold more thhan $300 since I paid a lot for this handbag. That's why I need your help with deciding on this one..
  8. I guess just sell it!! Since you dont use it that much..use the money to buy somthing else that you like..!!
  9. I Saw ~ You Have $500 BIN...I Would Keep It There.....If The $300 Would Really Come In Handy Now....I Would Think About It...Hope That Helps:heart:
  10. I would ask the buyer if they could up the bid to $350 or so, since that would get you closer to your number. I will also buy you a little time just in case someone wants to BIN at $500. If they refuse $350, then you can take the $300 afterwards if you decide.

  11. Sorry guys! The listings were removed by ebay because my listing has "Like New" Tsk tsk.

    Here's the new listing..

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  12. I would let this auction run it's course. IF you don't sell it the first time around than I would consider the lower BIN. Good luck. Cute bag!
  13. :yes: :yes:
  14. yeah let it run its course you can always post again, even though i hate those pesky ebay fees :censor: