Should I sell or keep the vintage chanel with tricky condition?

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    Hi all,

    I have done something stupid to the bag, which I do regret.

    Basically, it is a 2-sided vintage medium. So with one side being damaged, the other side still has a beautiful condition with puffy leather. I did ask the price for leather restore and it can cost from 300 to 600 USD (of course they will replace the leather).

    The thing is I am wondering if it worth selling her as a contribution for the new bag? Or should I keep her as she is still beautiful and the damage would not give me a good price anyways? :crybaby: I can still hide the damage side inside, as I do love the gold plates and everything about the bag.

    The good side:

    The damaged side:

    Thanks for your thought!
  2. Hi love.

    I'm sorry this happened to you. I would send it to the leather surgeons. As you know from your previous post there's the before and after on the burned Chanel flap.
    I think your bag has sentimental value to you as well. And oh does real gold plating speak to the heart!❤️
    I would send it to them and she will be back in your arms again! Chanel keep raising their prices and £400/600 is definitely worth it! A preloved with gold goes for a lot these days and to be honest, there is that sentimental value.
    I say send it to them! So sorry again, that this happened!
    Keep us posted!!❤️❤️
  3. I'll go ahead and have it fixed. You can always sell it afterwards if you get tired of it, but as for now, I don't think you'll get much $$ selling the bag in that condition.
    Good luck with your decision :smile:
  4. Definitely send it to Leather Surgeons. Even paying $600 to have it repaired you should still be able to come out on the positive end.

    Best of luck!

  5. Thank you, ladies :smile: I will try to contact Leather Surgeons and see how it will work out, since I don't live in the US.

    I am now in London, and trying to see if they have any specialized place likes Leather Surgeons. Do you think Chanel can fix it? I did ask Chanel in my country, and they said no.
  6. LS do work with UK clients. I have asked them about a bag before and they definitely work with across the ocean:smile:
    Chanel will not fix this without a card, and they will say that you might as well get a new bag, Do LS:smile: email them :smile:
  7. Yep just emailed them :smile: thank you. Haha one of my concern is shipping a bag away as well.
  8. LS works directly with Vintage Heirloom, I think she is based in London. Definitely give her a ring!
  9. Oops. I just emailed LS, so let's see what they say :biggrin: Hopefully I will hear from them soon. If not, I will have to really think about sending the bag to the first repair service I asked (in the Philippines).
  10. Hopefully LS will be able to restore this beauty! Please keep us posted.
  11. Just an update, which I also posted on the refurbish/repair post.

    I return from the UK to Thailand, and ended up using local spa services. They repair her by resew a new piece of leather onto her.



    The result is great! She becomes beautiful again :smile:
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