Should I Sell My LV To This Person?

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Should I Sell My Black Multicolore Aurelia?

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  2. No

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  1. One of my acquaintances told me that my bag does not flatter me & is outdated. She said she would be more than glad to buy it from me @ half price. Is she sincere or am I being worked over?

    The bag in question is the Black Multicolore Aurelia MM below. It's discontinued, has all my pinks & is in immaculate condition. I had mentioned to her that I was thinking of buying a black Greta and that's what she says I should do.

    I really love :love::heart:Aurelia and I think it does look nice on me. Hubby agrees and thinks that this person is simply being manipulative & predatory. I believe him but I also can't believe any person would be that way?!?

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  2. If you like it, and still want it, don't sell it.
  3. She is indeed being manipulative & predatory. The Aurelia is my favorite MC bag of all time. DO NOT LET IT GO!

    And, isn't one Greta enough?

    Oh, and can I ask why your bags are sitting on pee-pee pads?! LOL!
  4. I agree with your hubby. Who cares what she thinks about how the bag looks on you? YOU love it and that's what counts. LOL @ someone saying a bag is outdated and then wanting to buy it for herself.

    BTW I don't think it looks dated.
  5. I agree w/your dh! If it's outdated, why does she want it?

    You love it so I'd keep it!
  6. KEEEP IT!! I agree with DS.. do NOT let it go! If this bag is so 'outdated' why does this person want it for themself??
    It is NOT outdated... and look at all those pinks and purples. :drool:
  7. you seriously believe someone who is telling you that your bag looks outdated, but then wants to buy it for 50% off?

    and why are you going to let this person dictate what is stylish to you?

    wear what looks and feels good to you. if this person wants the bag, let them find their own.
  8. oh and definetly manipulative. as she makes it sound like she'll 'do you a favor' and take the bag off your hands for 50% off. basically she loves how it looks on you, and wants it for herself, so she's trying a tactic on you.
  9. NO. keep it.if it's outdated, and she sounds like "fashion police" why would she buy it? i wouldnt buy outdated stuff even for half price
  10. exactly! that person is suspect. dont sell unless you no longer want the bag...
  11. OMG she is trying to work you over. KEEP IT. LIke others have said, if you like it, keep it. IF you DO sell it, I'm sure you can get more than half....

    BTW- I LOVE MC & it's not outdated IMO!
  12. She is trying to take advantage of you. This is not what I would call a friend. Keep the bag and tell her to go fly a kite!
  13. I can't believe you'd let someone dictate to you what and what does not look stylish, and then offers to buy it from you! She is totally manipulating you.

    Do not sell it to her. Actually I would say, "I love it, it's discontinued, and it's got a great colour combo, I'll sell it to you for double the retail, because I could get that much on eBay"[a little lie!]

    It's a gorgeous bag by the way, no idea why you'd want to sell it!
  14. she is feeding you a line of crap... KEEP IT!!!!
  15. Agree!