Should I sell my Lux Bowler?

  1. Hello Ladies, I have a hard questions....

    I got my black medium lux bowler in april of this year from Saks. I loved it at first, but found the caving in annoying. I only used it a couple of times and found it hard to get in and out of, plus I feel it didn't hold that much stuff without weighing it down.

    I just got the N/S mordern chain small tote and its perfect for me in every way.

    So is it pointless to have 2 black bags?

    I know the lux bowler is impossible to find, so will I regret selling it?

    I still love it, buts its not useful to me. Help!!!
  2. My 2 cents is if you're not using it, it doesn't serve your needs, sell it. You cited three attributes that annoy you about it, so you have in one column, you love the bag but in the con column, three entries. The sum of the columns = sell the bowler.
  3. ^I agree. I love my bowler, but if you have doubts, sell it and use the money toward something else.
  4. yeah, i'd sell it too...
  5. I love love love the modern chain N/S tote. I'm honestly not crazy about bowler bags. If you have doubts, sell it. You want a bag you're gonna be totally in love with: no ifs, ands, or buts.
  6. If u r uncomfortable with this bag, let it go to a loving home and buy a bag u really love!

  7. i want this bag to death! and i'm sorry to hear that it's not doing the job for you. But if you never use it, maybe you'll be happier selling it to make money for a different bag that you love just as much and can actually show off to people when you go out.

    I know you can't buy/sell on here, but are you allowed to let me know if you do decide to list it on eBay or something? :yes:
  8. I know how you feel!

    In April I managed to (finally) get my hands on the silver luxe bowler and do you know what? I have the same gripes as you - I will probably sell mine too, I much prefer my silver Gucci Romy..............
  9. you should sell it if you have doubts about it.
  10. You're not crazy; I owned the metallic black Luxe bowler for all of a week and returned it in favor of the black deerskin; the deerskin leather is much better suited for the bowler style. I lusted for the metallic black for so long, stalked photos, etc. Sometimes you need a real life perspective to make a decision.
  11. I'd sell it.... To me because I am looking for one. Think of me.... But seriously if you have any doubt sell it. A Chanel bag is a certain amount of money so you have to be 100% sure of your desire.