Should i sell my Lockit and get something shoulder?

  1. :shrugs:
    don't know what to do..
    i love my bag but for strange reasons is always sitting in its dutbag:sad:
    i use my speedy azur more..i'm considering selling it and get a shoulder bag..i have only handheld bag!
    i want a shoulder one wich i can carry all the day..from morning to evening..any suggestion?

    i'm also considering a manhattan pm..but i know, it's not shoulder:sweatdrop::p
  2. Sell your lockit?! Suhali or mono? If suhali then eh NO!!! BUt if you say that you are not using it as much then theres no point in having it! Em shoulder bag, im having the same problem! The Le'Tal!!?
  3. what about trying a strap on it ?

    Like you I'm having thoughts about selling my lockit H..Because i'm getting the BH.

    Part of me says let it go and the part says just wait :smile:
  4. It's a mono regular Lockit.
    I loved it so much when arrived, but now i realize i'm not using it as much as the others:crybaby:
    The Le Tal is fabulous!! but i can't spent so much now ^^
    i want a shoulder bag which is casual and classic at the same time..something in the BH for ex., but i dunno if it would be my bag:s
  5. i think the problem is also the oldish style:sad:
    i want something more girly...awwww don't know!
    did you decide on your Lockit? will you keep it?
  6. The BH is a wonderful bag - we have three of them now at our house (both my daughters and now me). I think it is one of the best shoulder bags LV makes - very worry free - pretty, casual - holds lots. Great bag. I do like the petite noe as well too.

    If you're not using yours, and it's just sitting there - I would sell it and buy something you can really use a lot. It's fun choosing!
  7. Do you carry it all the day? in the evening too?

    what about the Coussin? do you like it?

  8. My daughters (21 and 17) both use theirs CONSTANTLY. To and from college (and high school) classes, to the mall, out to eat, out with friends. I kept borrowing the 17 year olds, which is why I went ahead and bought myself one. It is an absolutely great bag and only gets better with time. The straps get very soft and supple and it's beautiful with patina. Plus you can set it down anywhere and not worry. I've had a lot of LV and for a shoulder bag, this is, bar none, my favorite. I like my petite noe, but the drawstring is driving me a little crazy (LOL!).

    On the Sac Coussin - I know some people really like it - but it's not one of my favorites because it just reminds me too much of a couch throw pillow - and I can't get past that in my mind. Also, I think depending on what you put in it, it can look all out of shape which destroys the look. I think Karman or someone has it though and it looks darling - but I can't remember for sure who it was.
  9. Like you Charleston-mom, my 17 year old has the BV (it suited her more). She uses it everywhere and loves it and it seems quite low maintenance.
  10. thank you ladies!! i really appreciate your contribute!

    i browsed the website, i also liked the Marelle MM, i think she's versatile bag..during the day and in the evening..

    i think my choice is between the popincourt haut and the marelle mm..
  11. i'm considering a Vivacité GM too..but i would like to see some modeling pics..
  12. Well I just listed it.. we'll see what happens :confused1: and take it from there.
  13. I like shape of regular Lockit, I would keep it...
  14. I love Coussin GM!! I would get that in a heart beat.

    What about the Papillon 30? I really love the barrel look and it fits a surprising amount.
  15. oh i love the regular lockit! Yes the bh seems very popular on tPF. I have just got a mini bucket and tbh im just not in love with it! But you may like it! It comes in all the lines as well!