should i report it?

  1. there's this website in our city where you can advertise for free and there's this one person who is selling fake LV,Chanel, Gucci, etc. Maybe I should just leave it alone but it really bothers me. But should I report it and if yes, who should i talk to? What would you guys do if I were you? thanks for your help...
  2. Is it craigslist? They have a section where you can report it. If it isn't, I'd still report it.

    Hey.... I just looked and see that you're from Calgary. I'm originally from Edmonton.

    Again... I'd report it.
  3. Yes. Its illegal.
  4. Yeah I'd report it.
  5. Do the right thing and report it.
  6. I hate it when people take away from how special an authentic bag is....jerks
  7. Yes! Definatley report it, no one should be selling fakes. It makes me mad.:cursing:
  8. i always report anything I found illegal
  9. Definitely yes, report it.