should I pay?

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  1. I won an auction 2 days ago. the bag was found to be authentic in the authenticated thread. I had requested pics in which seller couldn't get to before the auction ends. so I bid and won. I have asked the seller to provide extra pics before I apy in which immeadielty she responded it was my right and sure, no problem. she'll send it tonight. no pics but next morning, she send an email apologizing profusely and that she'll send the pics last night. again, no pics..... and no email either.. what should I do now? is the bag a fake afterall or she does not want to sell anymore at the low price I won it at and she wants to back out of a sell? If I don't pay, will I get a neg and she back out? just really confused as to how I should proceed. thanks for any suggestions
  2. Yes if you don't pay and back out she can neg you.

    E-mail her again and ask for the pictures as you are waiting to pay

  3. do you know how many days I have to pay before seller is allowed to leave neg feedback?
  4. There are no rules other than the terms the seller has set for payment but if a seller so chose to they could neg you as soon as you've won an item
  5. A seller can leave you negative feedback at any time. However, you have 10 days to pay before she can file a non paying bidding alert against you with eBay.
  6. No not 10 days, its 7
  7. I am afraid it sounds to me like you will be vulnerable to a NPB strike if you don't pay as it seems the photo agreement was informal and the transaction has been made. I hope the photos arrive and all is well. I guess ifthe extra photos do show the bag is a fake you will be able to start a SNAD claim immediately. How are you intending to pay?
  8. she's right.

    unfortunately, when you bid, whether you got your pics or not, you agreed to a binding contract, so you are responsible for the item

    this is why it's not really a good idea to bid on anything when there is anything you're unsure of. once you bid, if you win, it's yours and you're responsible
  9. :yes:
  10. Oops, yes it is 7 days. I stand corrected. My error.
  11. ;)
  12. If you really feel that you don't want this item because it is fake, yes, you can get a strike against you if you do not pay.
    About 2 years ago I didn't pay for a D&G belt I felt it was fake, unfortunately I found out this after I bid.
    I went through some sort of greivance problem with ebay, but I ended up with a strike, but no negative feedback.
    The seller didn't send me the belt and I still have squeaky clean feedback. Don't ask me how I did this, but you might want to contact the seller and tell her you don't feel comfortable with the transaction. Tell her in a nice way. You could even offer to send her $30 or so to refund her Ebay fees.
    She might let you back out of the transaction, if you handle it cordially.
  13. I think you should pay. Especially since you didn't ask those questions before you bid and bid anyways. If it was authenticated, what's your reasons for asking for more pics? Maybe she doesn't have time. I can't stand NPB!!!