Should I or not?

  1. If I was looking for that type of wallet. I would probably get it. It seems like a great deal.
  2. GREAT deal!
  3. Go get it :biggrin: It will make a small package too so it might slip past customs too..
  4. I carried that wallet for 3 years and it looked like new at the end of the 3 years! I loved it. (I just needed a bigger one) anyway, it holds a ton and that a is STEAL! I say get it for sure!
  5. I'd go for it. That's a good price, and the wallet looks like it's in very good shape. I've heard nothing but good things about this seller.
  6. I agree with everyone. It's such a great deal and the wallet is beautiful.
  7. Yup, go for it!
  8. I love it!
  9. I would get it.
  10. Around here, as long as it's authentic, the answer is always: GET IT!!! :p
  11. Sunshine, what did you get that was bigger? I have a ton of cards to carry. :shame:
  12. I'd get it as well... it's the perfect wallet! :biggrin:
  13. I bought the groom zippy first I thought it was GINORMOUS...then I put my things in it and I have never loved a wallet like this one!! Its big..but it still fits in all my bags...(which actually means nothing as most of my bags are big) but I can get everything in it...and if Im just running out for a quick errand its so cute on its own! LOVE IT!
  14. I have the PTI in mono, in MC & in black Epi. I love it. The zippy is too big for me
    I would get it.