Should I keep this Mulberry willow?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    The sales in desert hills just offered me a small nude willow bag, silky calf. I saw the bag in large size in the store one month ago, which is way too big for my figure but I do like the texture and manufacture of the willow bag. Now, he just got the small size. Since it takes 2 hours for me to drive to desert hills, I might not have time to go to the boutique to see the bag in person. But he is very nice and send me several pictures. I like the pinkish tone of color if it is not from the light in the store. The price is 1407+tax.

    This would be my first willow bag I do need your advices. I am only 5'4. Is the small size appropriate for my figure? Does anyone see the color in person? How about the price? Is it a good price for a small willow bag?

    Thank you very much!

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  2. Wow! It's really beautiful.
    I think that the size would be fine for you. I know it's difficult to tell from the website as the models are so tiny they make all of the bags look huge, but having seen them in the flesh, it's a fairly normal size bag. Haven't seen this colour though.

  3. Thank you! Because the big size is so huge that I can sit in the bag. Hope the small one works
  4. I would keep this size as I have the larger one in Nude and feel it is just too big for me. I couldn't get the smaller one for love nor money as it quickly sold out - so did the larger one modelled by Kim Sears which looked lovely on her by the way - but sadly I've only used mine a couple of times due to weather here.
  5. I googled the pics. She looks great with the large size. Is the nude color in real similar to the one in the picture?
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393419018.393899.jpg

    Your second photo is the truest colour to mine - I have also seen it in Apricot and the new colour Ballet Pink.

  7. Your bag is beautiful! It seems the color is with some light pink tone
  8. Thanks !
  9. I am also 5'4" and think the smaller size is the right size for me (not that I own one but if I did.)

    $1407 is a great price for that bag. I vote you get it and do a reveal.
  10. I'm 5'7" - UK size 10 (US 6) - I don't have a Willow, but, have had the pleasure of "holding" a small size one for a friend, and, def' didn't think it felt to small for me so would think it'd be really ok for you - such a lovely colour too xx

  11. Yours is also nude color? It seems different from the pics send by the sales, which he told me it is for nude.

    I do hope the true color would be similar to your bag's. It is much prettier! I like the feel of the light pink.
  12. A nude shoe is a pinkish beige, supposed to resemble "nude" flesh. I would assume a nude purse is also pinkish.

    I have rules against light colored bags, I am too picky about marks, but I do like that willow
  13. It's beautiful! The dimensions 14 x 8 are not that of a small bag - but it does carry like a small bag which is nice. I think if you can fit all of your items in it - you should be good. Smaller bags are in right now! :smile:
  14. Keep it its STUNNING and perfect for spring :smile:
  15. I'd say keep her. Correct me if I'm wrong but willow start @£1350 in the uk, £ is rather strong ATM so a small willow is over $2000 in the uk. I'm not sure which state you are in but $1407 plus tax is still cheaper than the uk.